About Roambee

Roambee is a supply chain visibility & intelligence provider enabling on-time, in-full, in-condition delivery of shipments and assets anywhere in the world. 300+ enterprises are improving customer experience, service levels, product quality, order-to-cash cycles, business efficiencies, sustainability, and automating logistics with Roambee’s real-time insights & foresights. More than 50 of them are the top 100 global companies in the Pharma, Food, Electronics, Chemicals, Automotive, Packaging & Containers, and Logistics sectors.

Roambee’s innovative AI-powered platform, and end-to-end monitoring solutions, deliver reliable business signals built on item-level, firsthand IoT sensor data and non-sensor inputs. The outcome is 70% better multimodal ETAs, OTIF deliveries, 80%+ cold chain compliance, and more, including 4X+ ROI on supply chain asset performance.


Roambee's Journey of Innovation and Success

Supply chain heroes worldwide work tirelessly to make their supply chains more predictable, transparent, automated, and sustainable. Since its inception, Roambee has been empowering them to realize their vision through the advancements of its innovative platforms and services.

Supply chain heroes experienced better visibility.

$10 trillion+ is spent on multimodal, cold chain, high-value, and less-than-truckload shipments and to manage supply chain assets such as tanks, bins, and trays. Visibility is absent, time delayed, or scattered. Roambee delivered verifiable, item-level sensor-driven visibility.

Supply chain heroes met delivery time windows better.

Late and unpredictable deliveries lead to penalties, customer churn, and associated network disruptions. Roambee launched ETA predictions that were 70% better than industry standards for road, rail, air, or ocean modes to meet delivery schedules.

Supply chain heroes realized more orders in full.

Billions of dollars are lost globally due to partial fulfillment, theft, and loss in the supply chain. Roambee launched the most reliable way to determine theft/loss of any shipment or asset moving through any mode of transport using sensor-driven data.

Supply chain heroes delivered products in top condition.

Around $35 billion is lost annually in the breakdown of pharmaceutical cold chains and similarly in the food industry, impacting the environment. Roambee enabled the cold chains industry to move from passive data logging to active intervention and automated quality approvals.

Supply chain heroes executed better with insights.

Roambee acquired AI firm Arnekt to accelerate its supply chain intelligence. With aggregate signals and a digital database of shipment, asset, lane, and node profiles and their relationships, Roambee’s insights and control tower enabled flawless network execution to meet KPIs.

Supply chain heroes planned better with foresights.

With increased supply chain disruptions post the pandemic and the need to improve customer experiences to stay competitive, enterprises reduced planning cycles from months to days. Roambee’s AI-powered foresights enabled dynamic “what if” scenario planning.

Supply chain heroes improved quality of work life.

Uncertainties and disruptions are not new for supply chain professionals, but they affect productivity and the quality of life at work and home. Roambee brought predictability and enabled a single source of truth for better team collaboration toward collective goals.

Recognized by the Industry as a Leader

Dive into the latest trends, insights, and innovations in
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Dive into the latest trends, insights, and innovations in
supply chain technology with industry leaders.

Supply Chain Tech Podcast with Roambee