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June 22, 2023
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Better Visibility & Intelligence
for Land Transport

Deliver bulk loads, less-than truck loads (LTLs), or full-truck loads (FTLs) on time and in full (OTIF) and meet quality controls (QC) by forecasting and mitigating business-critical disruptions with aggregated telematics plus verifiable sensor-driven intelligence on a single platform – in the most cost-effective manner.

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  • Logistics Service Providers
  • Packaged Consumer Goods
  • Non-Profits

with Land Transport

Today, the most common way of tracking road and rail transport is using telematics aggregation and rail portals, leading to:

Challenge #1

Unverifiable, time-delayed, and unactionable information about the products and orders.

Challenge #2

Visibility at an order level with no insight into network disruptions caused by individual containers or a group.

Challenge #3

Lack of information about the condition & security of the cargo.

How Roambee's Solution Works for Land Transport

Step 1: Visibility

Better visibility by combining order information with real-time location and condition data from load-level IoT sensors and data streams from carrier data aggregation platforms, rail operations, and freight forwarders.

Step 2: Alerts & Signals

Built on verifiable visibility, alerts & signals empower better decisions and drive automation. For example, a business signal about quality compliance (QC) is derived by sensing temperature and handling, enabling you to mitigate supply risk.

Step 3: Intelligence

Use AI-powered network insights & foresights for better supply chain planning & execution. For example, score quality compliance (QC) performance by lane, carriers, and nodes and forecast this key performance indicator (KPI).

Alerts & Business Signals
to Help You Make the Right Decisions

  • Business Signals for

    Delivery Time Windows

  • Business Signals for

    Custody Breaches

  • Business Signals for

    Order Fulfilment

  • Business Signals for

    Shipment Handling (Damage)

  • Business Signals for

    Revenue Recognition

  • Business Signals for

    Cold Chain QC Predictions

  • Business Signals for

    Rail Mode or Transshipment Anomalies: Consolidation, Wrong/Missed Connections, etc.

  • Business Signals for

    Shipment Security Risk: Trailer Opening, Route Deviations, & Verifiable LTL Theft

Business Outcomes with Roambee

  • Orchestrate 100% of your truck and rail cargo flows on a single platform with high-quality sensor data for time-critical, condition-sensitive, high-value shipments and basic telematics aggregated data for remaining shipments.
  • Industry's most verifiable method for the visibility of trailers, LTLs, and rail packages.
  • Increase revenue by delivering a flawless order fulfillment experience and transparency.
  • Automate your order-to-cash process to speed up receivables and reduce working capital.

Empowering You With Our Intelligence


  • OTIF scoring by lanes, carriers, and nodes.
  • Dwell-time/Turnaround-time (TAT) insights into rail yards, stations, and transshipment operations.
  • Quality compliance (QC) performance across lanes, carriers, and nodes for cold chain and handling.


  • Supply risk prediction at any given node on any given day.
  • OTIF and cold chain compliance SLA (service level agreements) predictions by lanes, carriers.
  • Handling and security risk predictions at rail yards, stations, and transhipment locations.


A prominent European chocolatier transformed its supply chain to make its supply season-proof, even in warm regions. Roambee's intelligence helped identify the top 20 of their 93 lanes in the APAC region that contributed to more than 60% of their cold chain compliance breaches. It enabled them to achieve 85%+ compliance, up from 59% compared to the same season during the previous year, to maintain brand promise, increase sustainability, and reduce costs incurred from wastage owing to rejected goods.

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