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June 22, 2023
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Better Visibility & Intelligence for High-Value Cargo Security & Compliance

Secure your high-value cargo; achieve on time and in full (OTIF) compliance and verifiable security breach warnings for container, trailer, and less-than container load (LCL) cargo, so you can act before it is too late irrespective of whether it is traveling by land, air, or ocean mode.

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A Proven
Solution for​

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics

Challenges with
High-Value Cargo

Today, standard methods of securing cargo are through padlocks, electronic seals, and manual control towers, leading to:

Challenge #1

Lack of timely and granular insights into breaches – list of items compromised, location, chain of custody, etc.

Challenge #2

Wasted time, money, and productivity in chasing false security alarms.

Challenge #3

Increase in insurance premiums from an inability to reduce incidents and unpredictable risks on lanes or routes.

How Roambee's Solution Works for Cargo Security

Step 1: Visibility

Better visibility by combining order information with real-time location, condition, and security data from IoT sensors & smart locks and data from port operations, vessels, rail operations, freight forwarders, and carrier data aggregation platforms.

Step 2: Alerts & Signals

Built on verifiable visibility, alerts & signals empower better decisions and drive automation. For example, a business signal about a security breach is derived by sensing unauthorized container door openings and routing, enabling you to respond promptly.

Step 3: Intelligence

Use AI-powered network insights & foresights for better supply chain planning & execution. For example, score security risk performance by lane, carrier, port, and node and forecast this key performance indicator (KPI).

Alerts & Business Signals
to Help You Make the Right Decisions

  • Business Signals for

    Chain of Custody/Security Breach

  • Business Signals for

    Port Operations Anomalies: Wrong/Missed Connections, Customs Processing, etc.

  • Business Signals for

    Container Security Risk

  • Business Signals for

    Delivery Time Windows

  • Business Signals for

    Order Fulfilment

  • Business Signals for

    Revenue Recognition

Business Outcomes with Roambee

  • Act only on actual cargo security breaches – save unnecessary loss of productivity chasing false alarms.
  • Reduce your insurance premiums with verifiable chain of custody records and lower theft.
  • Increase revenue by ensuring customer peace of mind on product authenticity and service levels.
  • Prevent human and environmental catastrophes by building transparency and responsibility into restricted goods supply chains.

Empowering You With Our Intelligence


  • OTIF performance scoring by lanes, carriers, and nodes.
  • Security & compliance performance across lanes, carriers, and nodes.
  • Dwell-time/Turnaround-time (TAT) insights into ports and transshipment, shipping, and receiving operations.


  • OTIF and security risk predictions by lanes, carriers.
  • Supply risk prediction at any given node on any given day.


One of the world's largest apparel manufacturer with 50+ factories and 248 lanes faced the challenge of theft, leading to the dilution of their brands. With Roambee's intelligence, they are transforming their shipping operations with tamper & security warning signals based on events such as opening container doors at unauthorized locations. Roambee's intelligence narrowed down the top 16 lanes out of 248 lanes (just 6%), contributing to more than 50% of security threats – saving the manufacturer 94% of effort in achievement better security & compliance in their supply chain.

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