Roambee's Visibility Platform

Comprehensive Logistics & Operational Asset Management

Roambee’s Visibility Platform is a vanguard in modern supply chain management, designed for flexibility and adaptability. Whether monitoring shipments or keeping tabs on operational assets like bins, totes, trailers, trolleys, and cages, our platform stands apart. We don’t just cover every facet of your operations; we offer flexibility, allowing you to use Roambee sensors or integrate your own, ensuring a seamless alignment with your specific needs.

Supply Chain Evolution: Total Visibility Unleashed


Beyond Shipments

Beyond Shipments

Our platform paints a complete picture, from tracking shipments across land, ocean, air, or rail to overseeing operational assets. It’s adaptable to all modes of delivery: multi-modal, drop ships, buy online pick up in store (BOPIS), last mile, middle mile, milk runs, transload, first mile, consolidation, and cross docks. With the power of mobile apps, provisioning becomes more effortless, and actionable insights are literally at your fingertips.

The Evolution of Sensor Data to Actionable Insights

In the dynamic landscape of supply chain management, raw data is only the beginning. When a sensor detects an anomaly or change, this is categorized as a Sensor Event. This raw event, while informative, often requires context. By comparing this data against predefined conditions and criteria, it evolves into a Derived Event, providing a more nuanced understanding of the occurrence. Building on this, the event is then contextualized within the broader logistical framework, turning it into a sensor-driven Shipment or Asset Signal. This signal, rich with context and meaning, is finally distilled into a Business Signal, a clear, actionable insight that business leaders can use to make informed decisions. This transformative process ensures that from the vast sea of raw sensor data, what reaches the decision-makers is refined, relevant, and ready for action.

Empowerment Through
Mobile Apps

Stay connected and agile with our mobile applications. Monitor, provision, and take necessary actions on the go. The fluidity of having data-driven decisions in the palm of your hand ensures you’re always a step ahead.

at Its Core

Every business is unique, and our platform celebrates this. Beyond standard features, Roambee offers the flexibility to build custom applications tailored to your operations. Harness the rich visibility data to create bespoke tools that serve your specific business goals and operational nuances.

Why Choose Roambee's Visibility Platform?


Operational assets and shipments alike, our platform provides unparalleled clarity across the board.

Made Simple

Catering to both extensive logistics networks and asset management, our platform scales seamlessly with evolving business needs.


Decipher complex logistics effortlessly with our intuitive dashboard, facilitating prompt and effective decisions.

Why Add Roambee
Platform to Your Existing
Visibility Ecosystem?


Seamlessly blend Roambee’s platform with your current system, unlocking more robust and comprehensive tracking capabilities.

No Rip-And-

Our solution is an add-on, integrating effortlessly with existing sensors, be it RFID, Barcode, Telematics or others. There’s no need for an overhaul—just enhance.

Extend to a New
Sensor Network

Take advantage of high-fidelity data collection. Roambee provides Enterprise Grade Sensors, extending your sensor network, and enriching your data reservoir—all without additional costs.

The Future of
Comprehensive Visibility

Roambee’s Visibility Platform is not just a tracking tool but a comprehensive operational compass. Embracing flexibility, insights, and growth, it’s the definitive platform for businesses desiring unparalleled oversight and adaptability.