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Supply Chain Visibility Platform for Shipments & Assets

Effective supply chain visibility enables all stakeholders, including suppliers, transporters, and carriers, with insights into the movement of goods and operational assets from origin to consumption for timely delivery of the correct product in the right quantity and condition.

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Why is Roambee's Visibility Platform Better?

Our AI-powered, enterprise-grade platform makes shipment & asset visibility reliable, timely, and actionable. It’s alerts & signals, built upon sensor-driven location, condition, security, and non-sensor inputs, recommend the right business actions to reduce cost and risk.

It further runs a powerful operating system (OS) on any sensor hardware, on the cloud, and on edge to bring the best out of that sensor for supply chain use cases – be it for compliant use on air cargo, increasing battery life for long-term asset monitoring, or more.

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Components of the Platform

  • Device Management & Connectivity with Roambee Sensors

    Roambee’s sensor OS runs on pre-integrated hardware designed by Roambee or its original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), powering industry-specific applications. The OS guarantees reliable, enterprise-grade data collection of the physical and timely message delivery to the cloud.
  • Device Management & Connectivity with Other Sensors

    Roambee’s sensor OS can be installed on any market hardware in days with minimal or no code to enable industry-specific supply chain applications. The OS guarantees reliable, enterprise-grade data collection of the physical and timely message delivery to the cloud.
  • Alerts & Business Signals

    The platform delivers reliable alerts and signals around ETA, Temperature Excursions, Time Out of Refrigeration (TOR), Mean Kinetic Temperature (MKT), Door Open/Close, etc., and higher-order business signals, including order fulfillment, revenue recognition, and quality control.
  • Existing Web & Mobile Apps

    The platform offers pre-built web and mobile applications for insight and notifications into shipments or assets, accessible at work, at home, or in the field. Apps can help you instantly provision devices at scale, turn your smartphone into a tracking gateway, and more.
  • Ability to Build Your Own Apps

    The platform provides consumable APIs and webhooks to build custom applications of choice. Some custom applications built include scheduling dock doors using ETA signals, associating packages to a shipment, and sharing relevant shipment information with customers.
  • Enterprise & Order Data

    The platform uses data from enterprise and order management software such as SAP, Oracle, Blue Yonder, and more to make visibility contextual for an enterprise. It also lights up these business tools with signals such as ETA or quality breaches for response and automation.
  • Curated External Data Streams

    The platform uses curated external data streams, such as marine/airline traffic, port/airport operations, customs, weather, and more, to add context to real-time sensor data. An example of the value to a user is the accurate verification of a shipment boarding the right airline.
  • Integrations Hub

    The platform has pre-built integrations with industry-leading enterprise tools such as SAP, Oracle, or Azure and purposeful, multi-level APIs and webhooks for new integrations. Further, two-way single sign-on (SSO) offers microservices within respective tool environments.

Alerts & Signals to Help You Make the Right Decisions

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Benefits of Using Our Visibility Platform

  • Be Location & Condition Aware
    Get immersive visibility beyond the location of shipments or assets. Understand how the transport environment’s conditions and handling affect your product’s integrity. Also, learn about security risks promptly and achieve complete compliance throughout the chain of custody.
  • Get Reliable, Timely, & Actionable Data
    The platform uses firsthand sensor inputs complemented by non-sensor data to ensure the verifiability of every derived alert and signal and its contextual relevance to your business operations. In addition, the timeliness of sensor-driven data makes visibility actionable.
  • Expand Visibility on Demand
    You can integrate as many freight forwarder, enterprise, or logistics data sources as needed to increase the verifiability of visibility and signals. You can also integrate other types of visibility platforms, such as carrier-aggregated data, to create unified, single-pane access.
  • Get Multi-Tier Visibility
    Get visibility at various levels: product SKU level, item level, shipment level, lane level, node level, order level, or network level. Using the platform, you can go as granular as you want or have a bird’s eye view of your supply chain & logistics in real time.
  • Ensure a Verifiable Chain of Custody
    Know the actual chain of custody of every shipment and asset for compliance, claims, and efficiency boost, including how it was transported and handled by every actor throughout the supply chain network.
  • Build Supply Chain Transparency
    Avoid visibility gaps or reliance on any actor in the chain of custody for data. The platform offers fully automated, firsthand sensor-driven visibility at a granular and macro level with negligible dependence on the parties, using direct-to-cloud sensor data.
  • Scale With Data Integrity
    The platform handles millions of sensor data points. Ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability within an organization and across trusted third parties. It is cloud agnostic for private, community, and hybrid cloud hosting; it adheres to 21 CFR Part 11 standards.

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