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June 22, 2023
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Better Visibility & Intelligence
for Reusable Packaging

Ensure 100% availability of critical supply chain assets such as bins, crates, intermediary bulk containers (IBCs), and drums for shipping when needed and without overspending on stock. Diagnose and eliminate returnable packaging management inefficiencies with our asset intelligence around loss/theft and usage of assets. You can do it without tagging each asset to achieve unit cost economics and without any infrastructure requirement at your or your customers' or vendors' facilities.

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A Proven
Solution for​

  • Food & Beverages
  • Chemicals
  • Automotive

Challenges with
Reusable Packaging

The common methods of tracking reusable packaging using RFID or direct-to-cloud asset trackers have drawbacks, leading to:

Challenge #1

Deployment challenges at vendor or customer locations due to RFID infrastructure needed at facilities.

Challenge #2

Location data that is not actionable; hard to know if the packaging is at risk of loss, ready for pickup, and more.

Challenge #3

Lack of network-level insights for better managing reusable packaging based on historical and live data.

How Roambee's Solution Works for Reusable Packaging

Step 1: Visibility

Better visibility by combining order information with real-time location and condition data from IoT sensors on assets and pattern analytics of asset groups of accompanying untagged assets for economies of scale in visibility.

Step 2: Alerts & Signals

Built on verifiable visibility, alerts & signals empower better decisions and drive automation. For example, a business signal about aging assets is derived by sensing use cycle milestones and full/empty status, enabling you to utilize assets better.

Step 3: Intelligence

Use AI-powered network insights & foresights for better supply chain planning & execution. For example, score asset utilization (cycle times) by geography, season, customer, and vendor and forecast this key performance indicator (KPI).

Alerts & Business Signals
to Help You Make the Right Decisions

  • Business Signals for

    Loss/Theft of Assets or Asset Groups

  • Business Signals for

    Unauthorized Use of Assets or Asset Groups

  • Business Signals for

    The Aging of Assets or Asset Groups

  • Business Signals for

    Full/Empty Status

  • Business Signals for

    Cold Chain QC Prediction of Shipments Carried by Assets

  • Business Signals for

    Chain of Custody Breaches of Assets & Products Shipped

  • Business Signals for

    Cargo Handling (Damage) of Assets & Products Shipped

  • Business Signals for

    Delivery Time Windows

  • Business Signals for

    Asset Availability to Ship Product

  • Business Signals for

    Order Fulfillment in Asset Operations & Product Shipping Operations

  • Business Signals for

    Revenue Recognition in Asset Operations & Product Shipping Operations

Business Outcomes with Roambee

  • Reliably detect and plug asset loss or theft-prone locations and operations in your network; reduce your insurance premiums with an authentic chain of custody information.
  • Automate asset operations and improve "per asset revenue" whether you are an asset operator or an asset user.
  • Deliver medicines such as radiopharmaceuticals requiring temperature-sensitive reusable cases on time and with auditable quality compliance.
  • Increase sustainability with reduced asset loss, lower asset trips, and reduced plastic consumption or wastage.

Empowering You with Our Intelligence


  • Asset loss probability by customer, vendor, processing facility, and transport partner.
  • Asset cycle time/utilization analytics by geography, season, customer, vendor, etc.
  • Dwell time of assets by facility and use vs. idle assets analytics.


  • Asset loss risk prediction at any given node on any given day.
  • Asset dwell time and turnaround time (TAT) predictions by customer, vendor, geography, and season.
  • Asset inventory forecasting at any given node on any given day.


Dwell time is a critical component that increases the chance of theft. Roambee's intelligence enabled one of the largest returnable packaging operators serving the Food & Retail industries to reduce idle dwell time at their processing facilities by 34% in just 2.5 years, leading to a proportional increase in revenue per asset. Roambee also predicted assets at risk of loss or theft based on route patterns, aging, and location awareness.

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