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June 22, 2023
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June 22, 2023

Better Visibility & Intelligence
for Food Cold Chains

Deliver temperature-sensitive food products on time and in full (OTIF), deliver on your brand's quality promise, and ensure availability on shelves with active monitoring and early warning signals to mitigate business disruptions across land, air, and ocean for all ambient, refrigerated, and frozen goods.

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A Proven
Solution for​

  • Food & Beverages

Challenges with
Food Cold Chain

Today, the most common method of tracking the food cold chain is using passive or active data loggers, leading to:

Challenge #1

Manual touchpoints in passive data logging making data capture delayed and unusable for preventive action.

Challenge #2

Visibility is limited to basic location and condition, even if the data captured is in real-time.

Challenge #3

Inability to identify the root cause of excursions nor foresee the impact on quality control (QC) or stock planning.

How Roambee's Solution Works for Food Cold Chains

Step 1: Visibility

Better visibility by combining order information with real-time location and condition data from IoT sensors and data streams from port/airport operations, vessel/airline traffic, freight forwarders, and carrier data aggregation platforms.

Step 2: Alerts & Signals

Built on verifiable visibility, alerts & signals empower better decisions and drive automation. For example, a business signal about quality compliance (QC) is derived by sensing temperature and handling, enabling you to mitigate supply risk.

Step 3: Intelligence

Use AI-powered network insights & foresights for better supply chain planning & execution. For example, score quality compliance (QC) performance by lane, carrier, port, and airport and forecast this key performance indicator (KPI).

Alerts & Business Signals
to Help You Make the Right Decisions

  • Business Signals for

    Cold Chain QC Prediction

  • Business Signals for

    Delivery Time Windows

  • Business Signals for

    Chain of Custody Breaches

  • Business Signals for

    Order Fulfilment

  • Business Signals for

    Cargo Handling (Damage)

  • Business Signals for

    Revenue Recognition

  • Business Signals for

    Flight Connections Through Unauthorized Countries

  • Business Signals for

    Shipment Security Risks

  • Business Signals for

    Airport Operations Anomalies: Consolidation, Wrong/Missed Connections, Customs, etc.

  • Business Signals for

    Port Operations Anomalies: Wrong/Missed Connections, Customs Processing, etc.

Business Outcomes with Roambee

  • "Farm-to-fork" transparency for customers and better sustainability with lesser food wastage/CO2 emissions.
  • Automate the quality control (QC) and proof of delivery (PoD) processes remotely for delivery fulfillments worldwide.
  • Mitigate food quality degradation, contamination, or security compromises in the chain of custody by consistently achieving cold chain compliance scores above 80%.
  • Increase revenue by always ensuring the availability of your brand on retail shelves.

Empowering You With Our Intelligence


  • OTIF performance scoring by lanes, carriers, and nodes.
  • Quality compliance (QC) performance across lanes, carriers, and nodes for cold chain and handling.
  • Dwell-time/Turnaround-time (TAT) insights into airports, ports, and transshipment operations.


  • Supply risk prediction at any given node on any given day.
  • OTIF and cold chain compliance SLA (service level agreements) predictions by lanes and carriers.
  • Handling and security risk predictions at airports, ports, transshipment locations, and during the first/last mile.


A prominent European chocolatier transformed its supply chain to make its supply season-proof, even in warm regions. Roambee's intelligence helped identify the top 20 of their 93 lanes in the APAC region, contributing to more than 60% of their cold chain compliance breaches. It enabled them to achieve 85%+ compliance, up from 59% compared to the same season during the previous year, to maintain brand promise, increase sustainability, and reduce costs incurred from wastage owing to rejected goods.

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