Telecom companies use Roambee’s platform to offer real-time shipment & asset visibility solutions.

With Roambee, Deutsche Telekom is offering turnkey and end-to-end shipment and asset monitoring with perfect connectivity.

T-Mobile is offering innovative shipment and long-term asset monitoring solutions on its new NB-IoT network in the United States.

Telkomsel has collaborated with Roambee to take Asset Performance Management to the next level. The partnership brings intelligent real-time, on-demand goods and asset monitoring solutions to manufacturers and logistics companies.

Etisalat and Roambee have allied to offer a revolutionary service that brings together readily deployable sensors, IoT connectivity & platform, actionable analytics, and 24*7 control-tower monitoring, making IoT adoption effortless across the Middle East.

Telin offers a comprehensive range of quality international business solutions. With Roambee’s visibility solutions, Telin is helping enterprise customers achieve their goals in this era of rapid globalization.

Rogers has partnered with Roambee to offer IoT solutions for shipment monitoring and field asset tracking in the B2B space across Canada on its vast network.

ERPs, CRMs, TMSs, WMSs and digitized enterprises; now automating with Roambee.

Roambee is tightly integrated with Huawei’s OceanConnect IoT platform to provide their users with real time asset visibility and condition monitoring.

Oracle is providing its ERP & TMS users with IoT-enabled shipment and asset monitoring applications to improve enterprise automation.

Salesforce users can get real-time visibility of their orders from manufacturing to delivery with Roambee.

Roambee powers SAP Leonardo’s fleet monitoring application “Vehicle Insights.”

IoT service distributors fulfill diverse market needs; Roambee enables them to cover it end-to-end.

Arrow Electronics is providing its partners and customers with Roambee’s real-time shipment and asset visibility services.

Ingram Micro is providing Roambee’s shipment tracking services through its convenient and easy-to-use bundled solutions for FTL, LTL, cold chain, vehicles, and parcels.

System integrators & consulting firms improve business efficiencies; Roambee provides them with the right insights.

Accenture is providing its customers with Roambee’s asset and goods monitoring services as a visibility solution to transform their business.

Intertec is providing its customers Roambee’s visibility services for healthcare, logistics, and transportation.

Barcode Gulf Solutions is providing its customers with Roambee’s real time asset and shipment monitoring services for better warehouse management, logistics, and transportation.

Together we build game-changing applications and challenge the norm.

Aeris’ IoT mobility platform and Roambee are working together to ensure that goods and assets remain connected anytime, anywhere.

The partnership offers Roambee’s sensor intelligence to anyone using the Fr8 Blockchain protocol.

Supply chain platforms help orchestrate supply chains better; Roambee lights them up with item-level visibility signals & intelligence.

Roambee’s sensor-driven visibility will enrich Transporeon’s Visibility Hub with multimodal location accuracy and offer condition visibility, so customers can more actionably address supply chain risk around spoilage, damage, theft, missed connections and more

They solve key industry challenges. Roambee empowers them with granular visibility & intelligence.

AHC will refer Roambee’s real-time asset and goods monitoring and visibility services to their customers for their digital transformation strategies.

Inest is providing its customers with Roambee’s real-time visibility services focusing on supply chain, warehouse management, transportation and logistics.

Oxford Management Consultants are leveraging Roambee’s visibility services for supply chain, insurance, logistics, and transport optimization.

Store Automação is providing its customers real-time warehouse management solutions with Roambee.

NVG is providing its customers goods and asset visibility in conjunction with its own applications focused on Regulated Supply Chain (Cannabis & Hemp), Secure Supply Chain (DoD), Parking, and Retail Petroleum customers with Roambee.

WR will provide its customers Roambee’s real time asset and goods monitoring and visibility services for their reusable container management solutions.

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