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What Do You Want to Monitor?

Roambee puts you in control of goods and assets with purposefully built sensor hardware, cloud data analytics, and automation - for reliable monitoring and response - indoors, outdoors, and in-transit. There are no sensors to purchase or manage; you only pay for what you monitor.

Why Companies Are Upgrading to Roambee

  Roambee GPS Vehicle Tracking RFID Solutions Temperature Data Loggers
Real-time Location
Real-time Condition
Item-level Visibility Across the Supply Chain
Works for Multimodal Cargo
Works Without Networking Infrastructure
Integrates Without IT Effort
Automated Response & Control Tower Action

They Call Us Innovators

Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100

Asset Tracking Solution Leader

IDC Innovator

TiE 50 Winner

  • "Roambee's on-demand solution, along with the complete management of the Bee's forward and reverse logistics, helps us get visibility across all the shipments without relying on our transport vendors."

  • "We are in the transportation business for 40 years and have installed GPS systems in our company fleet. Apart from this, we needed visibility on our rented trucks which we hire on a regular basis to cater to our customers. Roambee put us in complete control of our shipments and provided us with the right solution."
  • "Managing plant inventory levels is a necessity in order to optimize cash flow. We have spent a huge number of hours calling up logistics partners every month tracking the whereabouts of critical material. Now, that’s available at a click, and Roambee has given us top ROI through their pay as you use model."
  • "Before Roambee, we were at the mercy of the transporter."

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