Pioneering Next-Gen Supply Chain Monitoring

Next-Gen Logistics: Starts With Capturing Accurate, Timely, and Granular Data​

The Backbone of an Autonomous Supply Chain

Every leap towards a self-sustaining supply chain begins with the right sensor selection. Supply chain challenges require specialized sensor solutions tailored to specific scenarios, from vast landscapes like rail cars and containers to the more nuanced dynamics of pallet-bound shipments.

Versatile Monitoring Across Landscapes

For reusable supply chain assets like rail cars and containers, sensors should be autonomous powerhouses: globally connected, enduring, and challenging to remove. In contrast, pallet-bound shipments need sensors that are compact yet agile, modifying their functionality based on contextual scenarios and the industry in focus.

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device Integration

Roambee understands the investments and commitments organizations might have previously made in sensor technology. Our platform is crafted to be inclusive, allowing businesses to integrate their existing sensors into our visibility ecosystem seamlessly. By fostering this compatibility, we ensure that you can leverage your current infrastructure while benefiting from Roambee’s advanced analytical capabilities.

Certified & Trustworthy Sensing

Roambee’s sensors aren’t just advanced; they’re dependable and trustworthy. Every sensor is enterprise-grade, certified for its designated operational region, and calibrated to NIST standards. Especially pivotal for industries like pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and food and beverages, our sensors provide unmatched accuracy assurances. Our sensors have flight-safe certifications from over 50+ airlines for air cargo, and for specific scenarios necessitating intrinsic safety, our sensors are equipped with ATEX and other relevant certifications.

Inclusive Sensor Portfolio for Modern Logistics

Experience the future of shipment security and condition monitoring with our varied sensor technology. With Roambee, you’re equipped to monitor a spectrum of factors, from temperature and humidity to location. Our sensors, designed for resilience, communicate critical data in real-time, allowing for an immediate response to potential challenges.

Single-Use Smart Label Solutions

Grasping the intricacies of carton-level monitoring and third-part destination shipments, Roambee offers single-use smart labels as sensors. This ensures precise tracking without the hassle of sensors retrieval, making it ideal for granular item-level monitoring.

Emphasizing Asset Safety & Security

In modern logistics, asset protection is paramount. Roambee’s sensors provide more than just tracking; they detect tampering and alert users instantly upon any unauthorized removal, reflecting our unwavering commitment to your assets’ security.

Unified Sensor Platform: Simplifying Complexities

Roambee’s Sensor Platform stands as a testament to a harmonious fusion of diverse sensor functionalities. Despite the diverse demands of different supply chain contexts, our platform simplifies deployment and management, offering a seamless user experience.

By amalgamating the best tools, innovative designs, global connectivity, and versatile affixation methods, Roambee’s Sensor Platform continually defines the gold standard in supply chain monitoring. Step into an era where adaptability meets technological brilliance.

Experience the Future of Smart Monitoring

Transform your supply chain with the advanced capabilities of Roambee’s Sensor Platform. Our sensors offer real-time tracking and enhanced security, tailor-made to meet diverse logistics challenges. Step into an era where proactive protection and precision come together to redefine supply chain management.