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June 22, 2023
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Better Visibility & Intelligence for Shipping Container Management

Optimize your shipping container inventory worldwide and maximize revenues through better utilization and deployment intelligence with your customers.

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  • Logistics Service Providers

Challenges with
Shipping Container

Today, the most common method of tracking shipping containers is using built-in or user-installed GPS, however:

Challenge #1

This data provides just the container's location and is not actionable enough to optimize its use at scale.

Challenge #2

It isn't easy to aggregate container data from multiple vendors onto a single platform and ensure accuracy.

Challenge #3

It is not easy to monitor the condition of the goods inside the container.

How Roambee's Solution Works for Shipping Containers

Step 1: Visibility

Better visibility by combining order information with real-time location and condition data from IoT sensors affixed on shipping containers capable of recharging using renewable solar power and data streams from marine traffic, vessels, and port operations.

Step 2: Alerts & Signals

Built on verifiable visibility, alerts & signals empower better decisions and drive automation. For example, a business signal about container availability is derived by sensing use cycle milestones and full/empty status to maximize usage and rentals.

Step 3: Intelligence

Use AI-powered network insights & foresights for better supply chain planning & execution. For example, score unproductive container dwell times by geography, season, customer, and carrier and forecast this key performance indicator (KPI).

Alerts & Business Signals
to Help You Make the Right Decisions

  • Business Signals for

    Full/Empty Status Signals of Shipping Containers

  • Business Signals for

    Shipping Container Usage SLA Violations

  • Business Signals for

    Wrong & Missed Connections of Shipping Containers

  • Business Signals for

    Aging of Containers at Ports, CFS, Storage Terminals, or Customer/Vendor Locations

  • Business Signals for

    Delivery & Pickup Window Schedule

  • Business Signals for

    Shipping Container Availability for Product Shipping

  • Business Signals for

    Cold Chain QC Prediction of Goods inside Shipping Containers

  • Business Signals for

    Container Handling (Product Damage)

  • Business Signals for

    Order Fulfillment in Container Operations & Product Shipping Operations

  • Business Signals for

    Revenue Recognition in Container Operations & Product Shipping Operations

Business Outcomes with Roambee

  • Seamlessly orchestrate the placement and retrieval of containers at every port and container freight station (CFS) around the world.
  • Increase "revenue per container" with better utilization and lower idle times.
  • Enforce service level agreements (SLAs), avoid "no-go" zones, and automate billing with data about acceptable use and violations by any actor in the chain of custody.
  • Increase sustainability by routing containers across customers more effectively and reducing operational mileage.

Empowering You with Our Intelligence


  • Asset (container) cycle time analytics by geography, season, customer, vendor, etc.
  • Dwell time and detention analytics by facility, port, CFS, storage terminals, and customer locations.
  • Quality compliance (QC) performance across lanes, carriers, and nodes for cold chain and handling.


  • Asset dwell time and cycle time predictions by customer, geography, and season.
  • Acceptable use service level agreement (SLA) violation predictions by lanes, regions, and customers.
  • OTIF and quality control (QC) SLA predictions by lanes, carriers, etc.


One of APAC's largest Out-Of-Gauge (OOG) Cargo operators is optimizing and automating its container fleet management using Roambee's intelligence. Combining real-time container location and status (full/empty) intelligence with historical dwell times at every CFS, port, and storage terminal, they were able to increase "revenue per container" by more than 77% through optimized rental patterns, better routing, and auditable SLAs.

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