Telematics Aggregation vs. Sensor-Driven Supply Chain Visibility – Webinar 2

Roambee x Transporeon Webinar - Part 2

Leveraging Telematics Aggregation and Sensor-Driven Supply Chain Visibility

Tune in for the part two in the Roambee x Transporeon event series about how telematics aggregation and sensor-driven visibility can help support supply chain visibility.

Learn about the application of these solutions individually, and how they can be combined for even better results.

Key Takeaways

Driven by real-world case studies, this webinar covers:

  • Which industries and use cases are most suitable for these solutions
  • How to get the most out of your visibility solutions
  • The pros and cons of using telematics aggregation and sensor-driven visibility together
  • How to get started with one or both of these solutions


  • Jesper Bennike - Transporeon and Roambee Webinar

    Jesper Bennike

    Executive Director Predictive Transportation, Transporeon

  • Vidya Subramanian - Roambee and Transporeon Webinar

    Vidya Subramanian

    Vice President – Emerging Technologies, Roambee

  • Scott Mears - Roambee and Transporeon Webinar

    Scott Mears

    Global Field Marketing Manager, Roambee