IFCO x Roambee x RPA- Webinar

Webinar: Roambee x IFCO x RPA

IFCO Has Found The Missing Piece Critical To Your Supply Chain

Attend this interactive panel discussion to learn how technology can enable you to get 4X+ ROI from the returnable packaging in your supply chain.

There are easily over a billion reusable packaging items like IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers), crates, drums, racks, pallets, RPCs (Reusable Plastic Containers), and Reusable Load Carriers (RLCs) in circulation globally, and most of them aren’t easy on a supply chain’s budget.

The purchase of returnable packaging assets and subsequent depreciation significantly affect a company’s cash flow and balance sheet. It’s therefore vital to have control over them.

IFCO has successfully been able to do more with less, save money, increase revenue and build more sustainability using an innovative supply chain technology.

Let's find out how they did it and how you can too!

Key Takeaways

In this live webinar, watch our panel of experts as they discuss in detail IFCO's success story and help you better manage the returnable packaging assets in your supply chain to:

  • Reduce asset losses,
  • Improve cycle time/velocity,
  • Increase asset utilization,
  • Automate inventory count,
  • Stopping revenue leakage, and
  • Reduce demurrage & detention fees.

We also discuss why these factors are important and how they will enable you to achieve a more sustainable supply chain.


  • Joshua Taylor - RPA, IFCO, Roambee Webinar

    Joshua Taylor

    Global Manager - Digital Solutions at IFCO

    Josh has 20 years industry experience in operations, sales & account management, asset management, digital transformation with 8 years of experience implementing digital solutions and has worked with globally trading companies such as: Food Works, Chep, Rehrig Pacific Company, Silgan. He is now the Global Manager of Digital Solutions at IFCO, and has been with them for 3 years now.

  • Tim Debus - RPA, IFCO, Roambee Webinar

    Tim Debus

    President & CEO, RPA (Reusable Packaging Assocation)

    Tim focuses on promoting the use & value of reusable transport packaging systems, and advancing the common business interests of the association members. With 20+ years of experience bringing new technologies to the market and leading industry initiatives to improve the production & supply of agricultural commodities, he advocates for systems of reusable packaging to achieve supply chain innovation and a circular economy.

  • Scott Hurley - RPA, IFCO, Roambee Webinar

    Scott Hurley

    VP - Product Marketing & Strategy, Roambee

    At Roambee, Scott is responsible for understanding our customers’ problems and translating them into effective value propositions, positioning, and messaging for Roambee’s target markets. He has over 20 years of location intelligence experience from previous leadership roles at Uptake, HERE Technologies, and GISinc.

  • Scott Mears - RPA, IFCO, Roambee Webinar

    Scott Mears

    Global Field Marketing Manager, Roambee

    Scott is an enthusiastic entrepreneurship-driven field marketing manager, trainer, keynote speaker as well as a mental health advocate. He has been a passionate marketer for 8 years, working with start-ups in many industries. At Roambee, he is responsible for generating new business and building the brand with customers and in the industry.