How to make smart supply chain decisions in the new normal

How to make smart supply chain decisions in the new normal

Webinar Discussion

Watch this interactive panel discussion to learn : Winning in the new normal with smart supply chain decisions.

As the world emerges from the lockdown, supply chain and logistics professionals are faced with the tough task of adapting to COVID-19 uncertainties. To win in the new normal, you need to be able to make smart supply chain decisions amidst supply shocks, demand shocks, and aftershocks.

Your smart supply chain decisions will be guided by 3 pillars:

  • Remote Working
  • Accelerated Planning
  • Instant Decision Making

To achieve this level of control you need access to intelligent end-to-end visibility and monitoring and analytics, because you cannot control what you cannot see. This webinar was broadcasted on 9 July, 2020.

Key Takeaways

As a part of this webinar, watch our panel of experts discuss how to leverage intelligent end to end visibility, monitoring and analytics that will help you make smart supply chain decisions for key factors like:

  1. Benchmark Transportation Partners
  2. Rapid Evaluation of New Lanes
  3. Remote Warehouse and Compliance Management
  4. Demand Forecasting
  5. Quick Condition Excursion Decisions

We also discuss why these factors are important, how to achieve them and how they will enable you to win in the new normal.


  • Smart Supply Chain - Wolfgang Lehmacher

    Wolfgang Lehmacher

    Former Head of Supply Chain, World Economic Forum

    Wolfgang is a global supply chain and technology strategist. He is a Roambee board member, Operating Partner at Anchor Group and has held senior leadership roles at the World Economic Forum, Corporate Value Associates, La Poste and TNT. Wolfgang is an author, futurist and a member of the Logistikweisen, an expert committee under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry BMVI, and the World Economic Forum global expert network.

  • Smart Supply Chain - Sanjay Sharma

    Sanjay Sharma

    CEO, Roambee

    Sanjay Sharma is a strategic thought leader with an impressive 17+ years of entrepreneurial experience building technology start-ups from the ground up. Sanjay has successfully co-founded and led two successful Silicon Valley technology start-ups - KeyTone Technologies, which was acquired by Global Asset Tracking Ltd and Plexus Technologies, which became an ICICI Ventures portfolio company. He has also been a part of the engineering teams at EMC, Schlumberger, and NASA.

  • Smart Supply Chain - Scott Hurley

    Scott Hurley

    Vice President of Product Marketing, Roambee

    As VP of Product Marketing, Scott is responsible for understanding our customers’ problems and translating them into effective value propositions, positioning, and messaging for Roambee’s target markets. Scott has over 20 years of location intelligence experience from previous leadership roles at Uptake, HERE Technologies, and GISinc.