Disruptions and Changing Industry Landscape in Supply Chain and Logistics amidst COVID-19

Disruptions and Changing Industry Landscape in Supply Chain and Logistics amidst COVID-19

Webinar Discussion

In the second session of SITL Middle East Insights, industry experts Gopal R from Frost & Sullivan, Rami Ghandour from SPAN Group and Adli Dehelia from Roambee discuss the pandemic's implications on supply chain and logistics, what forces are shaping the industry's ecosystem, and how they are dealing with business disruptions during the pandemic. This webinar was broadcasted on 9 June, 2020.

Key Takeaways

In this webinar, the questions that are tackled include:

  • The disruptions we have seen
  • How we see the industry landscape changing
  • The top 3 changes we expect post COVID-19


  • Supply Chain - Gopal R

    Gopal R

    Global Vice President, Supply Chain Practice, Frost & Sullivan

    Gopal R has over 18 years of experience encompassing Management of Consulting Business Units, Country Operations, New Market Development for Research, Consulting and Logistics Services, Project Management of Significant Engagements leading up to Heads of State, Ministries and Companies, Building New Teams, Research Approach and Processes.

  • Supply Chain - Rami Ghandour

    Rami Ghandour

    Business Development Manager, Span Group

    Rami Ghandour has over 25 years of experience in the supply chain industry focusing on warehousing and intra-logistics. With a background in Industrial Engineering from Ohio State University - USA, Rami has been dedicated to improving efficiency in manufacturing and warehousing since the early days of his career.

  • Supply Chain - Adli Delhelia

    Adli Delhelia

    VP and Managing Director Middle East, Turkey, Africa, Roambee

    Adli Dehelia spearheads Roambee’s presence in the Middle East, Africa, and Turkey. He brings a wealth of experience in telecommunication, innovation and automation having held senior leadership roles at corporates including Huawei, Motorola, and ITS. Outside of work Adli enjoys football and basketball.