Purpose-built Sensors for Every Use-case​

The quality of your logistics visibility intelligence is a function of the quality of the data captured. The more accurate, granular, timely, and complete your data is, the better will be the signals generated, leading to better insights, foresights, and decisions. Roambee’s sensors are purpose-built to do just that, globally! Our suite of real-time sensors work individually or together where most tracking devices fail, such as in air, on ocean vessels, across multi-year asset journeys, at facilities you don’t own or manage, and at an item level in storage or in transit.
Roambee Sensors
BeeSense - Roambee


Designed to sense live location and condition in transit or storage; works on cellular/Wi-Fi. It also works as a Bluetooth gateway for item-level visibility with BeeBeacons and has a variant with solar charging capabilities when suitable for the use case.

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BeeSense Air - Roambee

BeeSense Air

Built to sense the location and condition of air shipments; works on cellular/Wi-Fi. Its non-DG design eliminates restrictions on number of sensors usable per Airway Bill.

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Bring Your Own Device - Roambee

Bring Your Own Device

Already purchased tracking devices? Signed a multi-year contract with a visibility provider? Don’t worry! Connect your existing GPS vehicle trackers, temperature dataloggers, RFID, Bluetooth devices, and more with the Roambee platform for enhanced visibility, insights, and foresights.

BeeLock - Roambee


Designed for live container/FTL tracking with added security; it combines cutting-edge smart locking technology with GPS & cellular-based location tracking.

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BeeAsset - Roambee


Designed for infrastructure-less tracking of returnable and field assets. Many sleek options to fit your need; works on 2G or narrowband to power you for months or years.

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BeeTrac - Roambee


Designed for live location tracking of goods or assets and work on 2G or narrowband technologies through weeks of shipment or asset trips. A solar variant is also available if required, depending on the requirement of the use case.

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BeeRouter - Roambee


Designed to be an infrastructure-light warehouse or yard monitoring gateway; works on Wi-Fi or Ethernet, sensing thousands of Bluetooth-enabled BeeBeacons at any time.

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BeeBeacon - Roambee


Designed to extend location visibility to every package within a shipment. It works with the BeeRouter or BeeSense, covering you in storage or in transit.

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BeeBeacon Plus - Roambee

BeeBeacon Plus

Designed to extend location & condition visibility to every package within a shipment. It works with the BeeRouter or BeeSense, covering you in storage or in transit.

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BeeFleet - Roambee


Designed to plug right into your vehicle or equipment’s OBD II port for real-time location, status, utilization, and fleet performance data.

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