The Supply Chain Visibility Space is Evolving - Roambee's Q3 2021 Newsletter

Sanjay Sharma | October 28, 2021

Hello All,

The supply chain visibility space is evolving!

Visibility today is not only a “must-have” to thrive after the pandemic, companies who already have visibility are demanding “better” visibility to manage their supply chains more actionably.

In Q3, Roambee focused on advancing its sensor-driven analytics for customers across Pharma, Food, Packaging, Electronics, Chemicals, Automotive, and Logistics. We also added visibility of rail shipments to improve utilization and scheduling.

Roambee has created a strong foundation toward its service quality, and we continuously invest on improving it. Our solution being pharma-validated implies that our systems and processes exceed the bar when it comes to delivering high-quality products.

Why Roambee’s Visibility is “Better”

Our visibility is not just better, it is verifiably better, fueling strong market demand for our solutions.

This verifiably better visibility is a result of years of work in democratizing access to firsthand location and condition of shipments or assets in real time.

Roambee’s true differentiation from other sensor providers, however, is its ability to offer sensor inputs in the form of intelligent supply chain signals, insights, and foresights to make confident business decisions and automate logistics.

300+ global enterprises are orchestrating their supply chains better with Roambee – rescuing shipments on time, intervening promptly, shipping optimally, forecasting inventory better, and most importantly, building a world class customer experience.

Our solution even helped us rescue our own package.

Roambee, a Winner in FDA's New Era of Smarter Food Safety Low- or No-Cost

Tech-Enabled Traceability Challenge

Roambee was named a winner in the Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) “New Era of Smarter Food Safety Low- or No-Cost Tech-Enabled Traceability Challenge;” just one of 12 companies selected out of 90 applicants, validating its eminence in the food industry.

Food traceability means having the ability to track the flow of food throughout the production, processing, and distribution stages. A growing global market and increased consumer demand for transparency have put food traceability in the spotlight.

When the FDA threw the challenge to come up with a low-cost or no-cost tech-enabled food traceability solution, Roambee joined forces with Wiliot and GSM to develop end-to-end food traceability throughout the food supply system, one that’s accessible, affordable, and can scale to encourage widespread adoption.

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Roambee Cited as Outperformer in Pharma Supply Chain Visibility by CB Insights

Roambee’s solution, when combined with the capability from its recent acquisition of Modum, caters to the granular, end-to-end visibility needs of the pharma supply chain for timely availability of effective, original products in the supply chain.

CB Insights, the prominent independent market research organization, cited Roambee as an ‘Outperformer’ in its latest research report, “Pharma Supply Chain Visibility – ESP (Execution, Strength, and Positioning) Vendor Assessment Matrix,” released in July 2021.

The two currently available prominent supply chain visibility solutions for pharma are carrier-based data integration and passive temperature data loggers. They cannot deliver accurate visibility or timely visibility respectively, both of which pharmaceuticals companies need. Pharma supply chain visibility requires accurate location, condition, and shipment security intelligence in real-time, benchmarked against expected scenarios.

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But We Also Transform Supply Chains Alongside Telematics for 100% Visibility Coverage

Roambee’s visibility is granular, firsthand, and at an item-level.

However, not all use-cases may require this type of visibility across all their lanes and shipments. Fast-moving goods such as food or electronics, slow-moving consumer goods including white ware/consumer durables, automotive, chemicals, and big logistics organizations are some of the industries that seek both carrier-based telematics and item-level, sensor-driven visibility.

Therefore, Roambee and the leading digital freight platform Transporeon announced their partnership to bring the best of both worlds in real-time supply chain visibility.

Roambee’s sensor-driven visibility will enrich Sixfold’s telematics data with multimodal location accuracy and offer condition visibility, so customers can more actionably address supply chain risk around spoilage, damage, theft, missed connections, and more. The joint data set results in end-to-end, item-level visibility, globally, with 100% coverage of lanes and shipments regardless of the transporter or load size.

Read more about Roambee’s partnership with Transporeon.


Roambee’s approach to offering “better” supply chain visibility through sensor-driven intelligence is proven and fueled by strong market demand in key industry sectors and through industry recognitions.

We will continue our momentum in delivering against our mission of empowering every customer to deliver shipments and assets anywhere, at the right time, in the right quantity, and in the right condition.

Sanjay Sharma
CEO, Roambee