We're Helping the World Recover Faster - Q3 2020 Newsletter

Sanjay Sharma | October 16, 2020

Hello everyone,

I’m happy to share that the groundwork done by our team toward making Roambee antifragile is paying off today and we’re on a strong road to recovery.

The customer orders we received in Q3 2020 was 251% of the orders we received during the same quarter last year (Q3 2019), and our sales pipeline for the upcoming quarter is very healthy.

However, it is important to note that Roambee is not recovering alone! We’re enabling the recovery of every company, small or large, who is working with us and are in turn helping the world recover faster.

From essential supplies manufacturers striving to maintain stock on shelves to logistics service providers finding innovative ways to move cargo to the United Nations World Food Programme battling to feed hungry people in some of the most difficult logistics terrains of world, we were able to create a meaningful impact.

#1: We helped manufacturers ensure essential goods made it

Its not just manufacturers who went from executing a well-laid out shipping planning to working amidst uncertainty. Logistics providers and freight forwarders who were responsible for their customers’ cargo had to make decisions on the go before the goods were impacted en route, a major stockout occurred, or their warehouse capacities were maxed out.

Roambee enabled route, mode, and carrier planning through real-time information. It gave logistics companies the confidence to take decisions to ship through alternate lanes, knowing that they will never lose sight of their shipment.

The impact of Roambee during this time was best described by a member of the Air Cargo team at Hitachi Transportation Systems’ subsidiary Flyjac,

“With manpower low in cold chain warehouses due to lockdowns, automated remote temperature monitoring has become important for compliance and quality of products. The Roambee technology has been so advantageous & helpful, where-by we can monitor the temperature control readings of the refrigerated warehouse at regular intervals, as temperature readings are shared to registered e-mail IDs & text messages.”

#2: We helped logistics companies navigate uncertainty

When lockdowns were enforced in various parts of the world, existing lanes, routes, and networks became unpredictable. This especially affected the delivery of essential products like food and medicines. Many containers and trucks carrying essential items were stranded en route and risk was especially high if they were temperature sensitive or of high monetary value.

Roambee’s sensors placed with these goods enabled logistics professionals to make decisions remotely by knowing the location and condition of the cargo in real-time. They also used Roambee’s predictive insights and foresights around ETA, temperature excursion risk, and more to make business decisions about re-routing, transfers, and returns.

Pleased with the experience of Roambee’s visibility during times of uncertainty, a transportation manager at Mondelez, one of the world’s largest chocolatiers said,

“We’re improving our efficiencies with visibility. With condition-sensitive shipments en route, real-time location and condition visibility is helping make decisions on delivery and re-routing amidst the lockdown.”

#3: We’re helping the UN feed more hungry people

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is on a mission to eliminate world hunger by 2030. With the pandemic affecting economies around the world, food security has become an even more critical mission. Roambee is working with the WFP to enable the delivery of food shipments to the people who need it the most using real-time sensor data and signals. Insights and foresights will enable the WFP to pick the best routes and optimize their networks to deliver food to more people in parts of the world where supply chains lack infrastructure and are highly unpredictable.

#4: We’re helping ensure the COVID-19 vaccines arrive intact

Having worked on some of the most critical supply chain challenges impacting humanity during the pandemic, Roambee is on its next critical mission: to support the eradication of the very cause the pandemic, the novel Coronavirus! Roambee is already working with one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world that is running clinical tests on the COVID-19 vaccine. With speed to market being key and the scale of distribution like none the world has ever seen before, Roambee’s top-down approach to location and condition monitoring using sensors will deliver a unified shipment signal across the entire supply chain. It will enable vaccine makers and shippers to own their visibility across all touchpoints, reducing the risk of condition impact and delays.

Through our work in enabling customers, partners, as well as government agencies during this time of crisis, I can humbly state that Roambee is not only on the path to becoming antifragile, it is also helping the world recover from some of the most important challenges of this time

Sanjay Sharma,
CEO, Roambee