Roambee Received Industry Recognition - Q2 2021 Newsletter

Sanjay Sharma | July 16, 2021

Hello All – I’m happy to share the latest news and updates about Roambee’s progress in Q2 2021.

We received industry recognition this quarter in addition to our sustained business momentum. Roambee is now positioned as the undoubted future leader in the Supply Chain Visibility space through two acquisitions, a strategic fundraise, and renowned industry awards.

Roambee will leverage the strength of its firsthand visibility approach, strategic investments, and recent acquisitions to deliver second-order business value beyond “where is my shipment or asset” so global businesses can realize financial returns at scale from supply chain visibility.

Let’s look at the highlights of the quarter…

Roambee Recognized in 2021 Gartner "Tracking and Monitoring Business Process Context:
'Magic Quadrant for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms'"

Visibility that’s both reliable and actionable is hard to generate. It is more than simply tracking your transporter. Roambee’s work on building the complete firsthand visibility stack, namely sensors, platform, analytics, and services, has ensured that its supply chain signals are verifiable – offering improved real-time supply chain visibility to its customers.

Roambee was identified as one of the 9 global supply chain technology companies in the “Tracking and Monitoring Business Process Context: ‘Magic Quadrant for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms.'”

According to the report, “In real-time transportation visibility platforms (RTTVPs), the data is collected from the carrier rather than from independent IoT devices as in the case of tracking and monitoring solutions.” The report further states, “It can also extend the visibility beyond the delivery of the product and is often used to track the location and condition of the product in the yard or the warehouse.”

Roambee Acquired Swiss-Based Modum to Dominate Pharma Cold Chain Monitoring

While most visibility service providers claim to deliver real-time visibility, they mostly rely on carrier data. Insights will never be as granular, real-time, and accurate as sensor-driven insights, which is key to logistics automation.

Modum, founded in 2016, offers proven pharma-grade monitoring solutions and has raised $13.5 million since its inception. Modum’s ‘plug & play’ solutions work even in the most difficult logistics scenarios requiring high volume and minimal touch, such as last-mile delivery transactions. Its low unit cost further enables companies like Swiss Post with last-mile delivery visibility.

This acquisition will enable Roambee to expand its cold chain visibility offering from end to end, covering primary, secondary, and last-mile delivery use-cases to firm up its leadership position for real-time cold chain monitoring solutions.

Roambee Acquired Arnekt to Accelerate AI-Powered Supply Chain Visibility

Over the past year, we have witnessed an acceleration in the adoption of real-time shipment visibility solutions with customers looking to leverage visibility to automate logistics.

Arnekt is a cloud analytics services firm with expertise in data science, natural language processing (NLP), and artificial intelligence (AI). Arnekt’s artificial intelligence and machine learning infused frameworks are proven and already implemented by Fortune Global 500 customers, including Honda, Epson, and HPE.

The Arnekt acquisition will enable Roambee to scale and grow its analytics to help customers optimize their supply chain operations and deliver better business outcomes.

Better Ocean Freight Visibility with Strategic Investment from PSA unboXed

The ocean visibility space’s recent consolidations have still left the core aspect of ‘verifiable visibility’ unaddressed. Crowdsourced carrier, Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), and shipping line Automatic Identification System (AIS) visibility aggregation systems focus on orders and not whether the actual FCL (Full Container Load) or LCL (Less than Container Load) affirmatively completed a milestone or experienced physical excursions.

This strategic investment and partnership with PSA unboXed, the corporate venture arm of PSA International (PSA), will allow Roambee and PSA to co-create a verifiable item-level, multimodal FCL/LCL visibility solution and ocean milestone standard backed by firsthand sensor and port operations intelligence.

This verifiable ocean visibility will fuse ocean cargo’s physical and digital aspects from end to end, including the first mile, port, vessel, and last mile.

Top Supply Chain Project Award 2021 for Innovation in Real-Time Demand-Signals

Roambee’s real-time demand-signal innovation has earned the Top Supply Chain Project Award 2021 from Supply & Demand Chain Executive (SDCE).

Getting real-time visibility of inventory during transit, in a warehouse, or at a store requires an end-to-end visibility solution.

Roambee’s AI-powered platform demonstrates that sensor-driven visibility combined with AI can deliver real-time inventory status by location, improving business metrics for companies that offer vendor-managed inventory.

We’re Building the Supply Chain Visibility of the Future…

With the right technology, approach, strategic investment, and acquisitions in place, Roambee will power the future supply chain with second-order business value like lane, partner, nodal, and network insights that are timely and accurate. 3/4ths of IoT projects fail as per a Cisco survey because the value derived from visibility is typically tactical in nature. Roambee, on the other hand, is not only empowering better ETA predictions or early warnings but enabling 80+% cold chain compliance and 4X+ ROI on supply chain assets.

Our mission is to enable on-time, in full, in condition deliveries through the products and services we are building to realize this business value.

Sanjay Sharma
CEO, Roambee