Roambee's Global Expansion, Industry Engagement, Platform Improvements, and More - Q1 2022 Newsletter

Sanjay Sharma | April 29, 2022

Hi all,

I’m pleased to share about Roambee’s expansion to the Far East, key improvements to our platform, and how we’re transforming industries such as Pharma, Electronics, Food & Beverages, Packaging & Containers, Chemicals, Automotive, and Logistics. Roambee is currently ranking in the top 10 companies of the G2 Asset Tracking Software category.

We also played an active role at key industry forums and events during this quarter. We not only incorporated industry trends into our product roadmap but are also driving the future of the supply chain industry with our participation.

Here’s more of these developments in detail…

Roambee’s Big APAC Push with its Japanese Presence

Roambee now has a local presence in Japan. Through this local presence, Roambee is currently catering to cold chain use cases for its customers in the Far East region.

Together, with a strong presence in Singapore, Japan, and India, we’re addressing some of the most complex and unique supply chain challenges of the APAC region with visibility.

These 7 Industries are Future-Proofing Their Supply Chains with Us

About a third of Roambee’s business comes from Fortune Global 500 companies, a testimony that its solutions are proven. Leading companies are transforming the way they work by using intelligence derived from firsthand, item-level visibility.

The Pharma and Food industries are transforming their cold chain operation from passive to active intervention with visibility at a product level. Amidst the continued chip shortage, the Electronics industry is leveraging Roambee’s insights & foresights to better manage inventory and address customer demand. Industries such as Chemicals, Automotive, and Packaging Services have found their magic wand by better monetizing their assets such as containers, bins, tanks, crates, and more. Logistics Service Providers are playing a more active and dynamic role in digitizing their customers’ supply chains with Roambee’s platform.

Unplanned disruptions and ever-evolving customer expectations are the new supply chain normal. Enterprises that aren’t building an intelligent supply chain today will lose out in the future.

Improving Our Data to Improve Your Business Decisions

The best chefs handpick their ingredients! Similarly, the more accurate, curated, and dimensional the data, the better the analytics, and better your business decisions are! Roambee is thus improving its data collection mechanisms to deliver business outcomes through reliable and relevant visibility.

Our visibility platform is continuously getting better at filtering the noise from true events by marrying ELD signals and location information with our firsthand sensor signals to verifiably detect anomalies in supply chain operations.

Our latest portfolio of sensors is designed to more reliably collect location, condition, and security signals across all transport modes. They are further designed for durability, accuracy, reusability, and portability. Our sensors work with private and public 5G networks which can offer reduced latency and increased reliability. They also work with current 4G LTE networks as well as legacy connectivity such as 2G GSM. Further, BLE and Wi-Fi support make the sensors usable universally for indoor, outdoor, and in transit use-cases.

Roambee is Actively Engaging with the Industry Globally

We listen astutely to the voice of the industry at events and forums to build the right products and solutions for a better and sustainable future for supply chains around the world.

Roambee attended the GIRP Supply Chain Conference with a pharma focus, where key topics were supply chain visibility, sustainability, and governing bodies. The biggest question from professionals at the event was how to leverage technology to navigate newer industry regulations.

LogiChem, one of the largest chemical industry supply chain events hosted decision-makers from large chemical manufacturers. Most supply chain professionals we spoke to at the event were aware of visibility however, only a few knew how to identify and apply the right solution mix to address their business needs.

The presentations and talks at Modex 2022 were heavily focused on robotics and automation solutions.

In summary, we see a pressing need for industry awareness and decluttering the value of different types of supply chain visibility – such as ELD-based, aggregated, sensor-driven, etc. – in industry forums rather than with vendors showcasing solutions, as supply chain visibility has become a vital aspect of global supply chains.

I wish you a great summer ahead and look forward to sharing more exciting updates through 2022!

Thank you,
Sanjay Sharma,
CEO, Roambee