Roambee's Q1 Updates - A Roaring Start to 2021

Sanjay Sharma | April 16, 2021

Hello everyone – I’m happy to share that 2021 is off to a roaring start and I thank you for the support and contribution toward our momentum gained.

Roambee made quantifiable progress in Q1 2021 in its mission to help its customers and partners deliver shipments and assets at the right time, in the right quantity, and in top condition with end-to-end location-aware intelligence.

We completed our Series B1 funding totaling 18+ million. It was led by Temasek & Kuehne + Nagel backed Reefknot Investments.

A renowned supply chain expert and former World Health Organization (WHO) advisor joined us to expand our presence in the Asia market and in cold chain logistics.

We were awarded a patent that enables frictionless provisioning of our sensors at scale using Augmented Reality.

Customers are expanding Roambee multi-dimensionally to transform their businesses.

And yet, this is just the beginning of our journey into 2021…

Series B1 Completion in Excess Of $18M for Strategic Scale Up

Completing our Series B1 with Temasek & Kuehne + Nagel backed Reefknot Investments, totaling in excess of $18M, Roambee is building on its vision to transform businesses by democratizing access to verifiably better supply chain visibility.

The days where a simple dot on the map about your truck, plane, ship, or inventory was defined as supply chain visibility is over! Users are demanding immersive location-aware intelligence that verifiably combines sensor and non-sensor data to deliver supply chain signals to automate their business functions.

Most visibility solutions are strong individually, either in sensor capability, in visibility aggregation, with analytics, or in intervention/workflows, but making it difficult for a customer to gain second order business value through with a unified solution.

Roambee will continue to build on this value proposition with its breadth of products and services like Honeycomb Platform for location-aware intelligence, Swarm AI for insights and foresights, BeeCentral for control-tower intervention, and a sensor-suite that’s purpose built to tackle specialized applications like air cargo monitoring, ocean cargo monitoring, inventory monitoring at uncontrollable locations, and more.

Our investment will go into expanding our revenue base and improving product experience, attaining multi-category leadership for end to end “Supply Chain Visibility ++” information that’s radically simple to access.

Former WHO Advisor Joins Us in Singapore for Asia Expansion

Roambee appointed Michael Culme-Seymour in Singapore as its Vice President & Managing Director of APAC to drive growth in Asia and further increase the company’s global life sciences footprint.

Michael is a supply chain expert with more than thirty-five years of experience in airline, freight, and life science logistics industries. Roambee’s proven active monitoring solution for COVID-19 vaccines serves the wider cold chain industry effectively, which includes clinical trials, animal health, hospital medicine, frozen food, perishables, and more. Michael’s expertise will help us improve their logistics experience.

Apart from his past independent advisory roles to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Economic Forum, he held leadership roles during the expansion stage of well-known companies, namely as CEO of DHL Global Mail APAC, Vice President for Special Cargo with Swissair, and Vice President APAC for Marken (a UPS company).

Singapore will not only be Roambee’s center for APAC, it will also drive technology innovation in partnership with governmental and educational institutions. 

Roambee Awarded a Patent That Enables Large-Scale Sensor Use

Roambee was issued a patent that details a process to rapidly associate sensors with packages using Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality enables users to associate packages to sensors without the need for a barcode scan or manual inputs.

This will enable large scale sensor deployment on packages without adding unnecessary steps to existing pick, pack, and ship processes.

The patent offers innovative methods to drastically cut down on sensor provisioning time for our users to achieve scale.

Multi-Dimensional Customer Growth

A Cisco report once mentioned that 76 percent of IoT projects fail!

However, this has been far from true with Roambee’s customers; this trend didn’t change during the pandemic either.

Customers scaled in Q1 2021, some even to the tune of 10X+. This strong customer growth traction is enabled through double-dimensional value that offers stickiness.

Vertical value:

Owing to Roambee’s on-demand nature and its flexible plans, customers typically begin with a few shipping lanes or business-critical assets. Increasing the shipment, lane, or inventory monitoring coverage is frictionless with room for even seasonal fluctuations.

Customers have been expanding the Roambee coverage 3-15X from initial Proof of Value.

Some enterprises who experienced vertical visibility growth coverage include IFCO Systems, the United Nations World Food Programme, Interstate Batteries, and one of the largest US-headquartered COVID-19 vaccine makers.

Horizontal value:

The business transformation journey for a typical customer begins with consuming reliable visibility signals during the Proof of Value stage. These signals become more and more actionable with the injection of additional insights, foresights, and ultimately the creation of a digital twin to clone the the supply chain in real time.

Horizontal growth is aided by our stack-on products and services such as Swarm AI insights and foresights, the BeeCentral 24×7 control tower, and use-case specific Apps.

All in all, with the right team, strategic investors backing Roambee, a high-impact product expansion strategy, and multi-dimensional customer growth, Roambee is building a firm footprint in 2021 to drive business transformation through verifiably better supply chain visibility.

Sanjay Sharma
CEO, Roambee