From the CEO's Desk: Roambee's Newsletter Q3 2022

Sanjay Sharma | November 14, 2022

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to share Roambee’s achievements and other updates from Q3 2022.

Customers are demanding a lot more from supply chain visibility service providers than ever before and Roambee is challenging the market’s status quo by delivering against this high bar.

Roambee was recognized in ‘2022 Gartner® Tracking and Monitoring Business Process Context: Magic Quadrant™ for Real-Time Transportation Visibility Platforms.’

We were Runner Up out of 6 Finalists in the CSCMP Supply Chain Innovation Award. We also earned the badge of ‘Leader – Summer 2022’ on the real-time G2 Grid® for the top Asset Tracking Software products.

How did Roambee achieve industry recognitions and how are we transforming the lives of supply chain heroes around the world? I’m sharing some insights from Q3 beginning with the evolved expectations of our customers.

Customer Expectations Are Now Sky High

We’re convinced that today’s supply chain professionals are tech-savvy and hungry to build an intelligent supply chain that is transparent, automated, and sustainable.

However, for the first time in the history of supply chains, technology falls behind customers’ demand. Enterprises have experimented enough with visibility and despite multiple visibility options available in the market, they are struggling to quantifyROI at scale with any solution.

The reason for this situation is because aggregated location visibility is commoditized and lacks accuracy, timeliness, and actionability while 100% sensor-driven visibility is a costly option and is not readily integrable into the business process.

A supply chain professional following an important event like a missed shipment or evaluating the right course of action when a temperature excursion occurs, needs accurate and actionable data to act confidently in minutes. Further, operational hassles in implementing a sensor-driven visibility solution at scale is still a challenge for the large global enterprises.

How Roambee Has Evolved to Deliver against Them

Roambee is delivering against these high expectations through three key aspects of its business model and value-selling approach.

First, Roambee’s immersive, location-aware intelligence platform has evolved to determine key events that impact business operations. These key events are forecasted by fusing multiple sensor signals with non-sensor signals within a business context framework. For instance, just any temperature excursion alert is meaningless to a customer. With Roambee’s platform, a global pharma major is now able to instantly identify what caused the temperature excursion instantly, predict Quality Controls (QC) upon arrival days in advance, correct course without analysis-paralysis, and score lanes, transporters, or nodes based on risk to prevent future recurrence.

Second, Roambee’s platform services infrastructure, team, and sensor deployment technologies have evolved to infuse sensors seamlessly into our customers’ existing operations at scale. Whether it is swiftly deploying sensors across thousands of railcars (assets) moving around the US, charging sensors in bulk at a remote shipment dispatch center in Thailand, charging a sensor that’s arrived at a consignee’s location in Spain with existing infrastructure, or spot-checking the health of sensors before deploying them on shipments in bulk, Roambee has simplified adoption for large enterprises with global operations.

Third, customers are leveraging Roambee’s added analytics built on verifiable visibility. Our real-time analytics data is now readily consumable in the form of business KPIs tailored to teams in supply chain, logistics, and quality control, enabling OTIF, cold chain compliance, asset utilization, and more.

We’re Deeply Involved with & Recognized by the Industry

Roambee works closely with the industry evidenced by its active participation in key events. We were present at two key supply chain events namely CSCMP Edge and LogiPharma USA in Q3 2022.

CSCMP’s Edge Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition was held in the land logistics hub of the US: Nashville, Tennessee. With over 30 themes, a broad spectrum of industries, and daily networking receptions, it was easy to understand the pulse of the larger supply chain industry. Our takeaway was that both aggregated and sensor-driven visibility are the need of the hour. Verticals like Pharma, Food, Electronics, Chemicals, and Automotive require sensor-driven visibility while commodities and bulk shipment industries like Mining, Metals, etc. benefit from low-cost aggregated visibility. This creates limitless market opportunities for both types of solution providers. Industries like Food & Electronics require both, driving collaboration between solution providers to offer the best of both worlds to the customer on a single pane.

Roambee further presented its innovation in bringing certainty in rail logistics operations at CSCMP Edge, placing as Runner Up out of 6 Finalists in CSCMP’s Supply Chain Innovation Award.

LogiPharma was held in Boston, close to the corporate headquarters of many of the Fortune 500 pharmaceuticals. This enabled the attendance of limited, but relevant pharma supply chain industry professionals including the executive leadership of the global pharma players. The content was focused on overcoming longer term challenges in the pharma supply chain post the pandemic.

Our biggest takeaway from this event was that intelligent business outcomes are what pharma professionals are looking for from real-time visibility, reinforcing faith in Roambee’s commitment to invest in furthering its supply chain intelligence.

And We’re Celebrating Supply Chain Heroes Like You

As we move into the holiday season, we recognize that supply chain professionals like you will be working tirelessly behind-the-scenes to ensure that season sales products, gift products, and all the goodies we consume reach on time, intact, and in top quality. We salute this effort of supply chain heroes like you that keep the world ticking.

Thus, we’re not just providing more visibility into your supply chain through our technology but believe that your great work requires greater visibility too! We’ve begun sharing the stories of supply chain professionals like you through our supply chain tech podcast with a community of 100,000+ other like-minded professionals.

I thank you once again for your contribution to Roambee’s success and will get back to you with more updates at the end of year.

Sanjay Sharma,
CEO, Roambee