From the CEO's Desk - Roambee's H1 2023 Newsletter

Sanjay Sharma | August 17, 2023

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the 13th edition of Roambee’s newsletter!

I’m pleased to announce Roambee’s growth in orders in H1 2023 with 25+ new enterprise customers that was driven by an ROI-centric alignment with investment priorities of Global 2000s.

Our sensor-driven visibility & intelligence solutions are empowering enterprises to achieve operational efficiency and profitability in key areas like transport optimization, security & compliance, optimizing reusable assets, and sustainability.

Roambee’s ROI-centric approach is proven and revolves around its award-winning AI built on verifiable visibility, delivering 100 times more accurate predictions than any other Supply Chain AI.

We also demonstrated our unwavering commitment to service quality by defining and monitoring four key pillars of our service, ensuring excellence in every customer touchpoint from hardware to connectivity to platform to customer experience.

Please read on to learn more about our achievements in the first half of 2023…

Growth from ROI-Centric Alignment With Global 2000s’ Investment Priorities

The business landscape of Global 2000 brands is evolving. Supply chain visibility becoming a fundamental investment focus that extends beyond proof of concepts to achieve resilience & agility at scale. At Roambee, our close collaboration with customers shed light on the key investment areas within their supply chains, namely transport optimization, security & compliance, optimizing reusable assets, and sustainability.

Roambee’s innovative solutions are tailored to cater to these core investment areas, empowering Global 2000 enterprises to achieve greater operational efficiency and profitability. As a testament to our commitment and value proposition toward this investment focus, we experienced a strong growth in orders during H1 2023, securing 25+ new enterprise accounts, many of which are Global 2000s.

Our value proposition ranges across triggering automatic replenishments to the reduction in inventory holding to improving railcar usage and optimizing hidden costs in operating reusable packaging such as bins and tanks.

Five of the top 10 global 3PLs have also white labeled and integrated our platform to their information management applications for full transparency into their logistics operations, automating indoor, outdoor and in-transit milestones, and monetizing high-quality visibility as a value-added service.

Through our supply chain data expertise and customer-centric approach, Roambee continues to strengthen its position as a trusted partner, empowering many Global 2000s to drive ROI-centric initiatives and stay ahead in the dynamic market.

Empowering ROI With Award-Winning AI Built on Verifiable Visibility

While visibility is crucial for enterprises, it alone cannot deliver the desired ROI. Accurate predictions of business disruptions and impact to KPIs is key, and AI-powered decision models built on verifiable visibility is the differentiator.

Recent studies have found that early adopters of AI in supply chain management saw a decrease in logistics costs of 15%, an increase in inventory levels of 35%, and a boost in service levels of 65%.

Roambee’s AI-powered platform brings a high-quality, data-centric approach based on firsthand, sensor-driven, verifiable visibility, setting it apart from platforms that rely on generative AI built on carrier-aggregated visibility data that lacks the source of truth.

Our decision AI models leverage premium, firsthand information from IoT sensors. It results in predictions for supply chain and business KPIs that are 100 times more accurate than other Supply Chain AI solutions prioritizing Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GPT) models, primarily used for text summarization, content generation, and search, which may not faithfully represent reality. This accuracy leads to tangible ROI, manifested through consistent transit times, the confidence to switch to cost-effective transport modes while maintaining predictability, reduced insurance premiums, and increased asset utilization.

Roambee’s AI serves as the bedrock of truthful predictions for the supply chain industry, and is even capable of enriching the quality of other types of supply chain visibility data to power reliable execution and planning.

Recent IoT platform launches such as the Qualcomm Aware™ Platform only strengthen our offerings. By leveraging the robust infrastructure and IoT visibility layer of Qualcomm Aware™, Roambee’s supply chain intelligence platform delivers accurate AI-powered business signals, insights, and foresights tailored to supply chain industry applications for Pharma, Food, Electronics, Chemical, Automotive, and Logistics enterprises.

Our dedication to delivering real-world impact has earned us the prestigious 2023 AI Breakthrough Award for the Best Supply Chain Solution for its impact. Roambee remains at the forefront, providing unrivaled AI-driven solutions that drive business success and innovation.

Ensuring Service Quality: Measuring 4 Key Pillars of Excellence

Roambee, service quality is paramount, backed by a strong foundation built during the first half of this year to ensure excellence.

Today, we measure quality performance through key performance indicators (KPIs) across core pillars of our service:


  • Hardware: includes consistency in ping frequency, sensor utilization thresholds, and swift issue resolution for Roambee and customer/partner sensors plugged into our platform.
  • Connectivity: includes uptime and latency for seamless sensor data operations.
  • Platform: includes service uptime, automatic anomaly detection, and quick resolution.
  • Customer Experience: includes Net Promoter Scores (NPS), solution adoption, onboarding efficiency, retention, and speedy support resolution for the entire order-to-cash process.


We adopted 360-degree quality compliance dashboards to analyze problematic trends across customers, geographies, and use-cases, staying proactive. Moreover, our solution is third-party validated, adhering to GAMP5 and GxP standards for the pharma industry.

Our unwavering commitment to service excellence guarantees a seamless experience for all our valued customers.

What’s in Store for the Remainder of 2023?

For the remainder of this year, our priority is to improve the unit economics of high-quality visibility data collection, further enable the translation of our AI to ROI through managed-analytics service models, and offer real-time ROI measurement around sustainability through accurate Scope 3 metrics across multiple modes of transport and handling.

Stay tuned for exciting insights into our continued dedication to driving real-world impact and innovation.

Warm regards,
Sanjay Sharma,
CEO, Roambee