Returnable Asset Monitoring

How the Service Works


We deliver wire-free, hassle-free, and CAPEX-free tracking tags wherever you need them; these long-lasting, direct-to-cloud tags work primarily on LPWAN networks or on cellular as backup.


Tag returnable assets like bins, totes, drums, monotainers, ULDs, and containers and configure waypoints on a map through a web or mobile browser. No readers, antennas, or facility infrastructure!

3. USE

Let our platform and control tower combine live sensor data with AI-enabled analytics and automation to implement the best course of action for your returnable asset operations.


Tag and track all your assets in a matter of days without any need for support; scale up to cope with spikes in demand, or wind down when business is slow, either way, you pay as you go.

Don't wonder how you’ll track them across facilities that aren’t yours.

Don't wonder how you’ll track them across facilities that aren’t yours.

Asset Location

Track reusable shipping assets wherever they go, whether it's point-to-point shipments, across facilities, users, and even across geographies.

Asset Loss

Track assets by the minute to instantly identify and initiate the recovery of missing or stolen returnable shipping assets wherever they are, whether it's indoors, outdoors, or in transit.

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Asset Utilization

Know everything you need to about asset location, movements, current status, billable use, and aging, to reduce your asset-holding spends.


Beware and be aware; keep a close eye on missing or misplaced assets to identify theft, pilferage, or misappropriation patterns by location, transporter, vendor or customer.

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Ensure Availability

Leverage predictions, verifiable data trails, and asset routing automations to speed up retrieval, recovery, issue analysis, and conflict resolution.

Reduce Asset Loss

Leverage live tracking, instant alerts, and control tower response to understand situations, evaluate risk, and reduce the time to respond while recovering misplaced or stolen assets.

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