Roambee's Q4 2022 Newsletter

Sanjay Sharma | February 8, 2023


As a wrap-up to 2022, I’m pleased to share six major industry transformations that Roambee enabled last year.

The industry is moving towards autonomous supply chains. The first step to building an autonomous supply chain is to create an efficient operation, and efficient operations are produced from trusted and actionable visibility data. Bill Gates once said, “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

Commoditized supply chain software such as carrier aggregation platforms, supply chain planning tools, and tracking and monitoring solutions that use their own hardware lack timely or actionable data.  

Roambee satisfied this requirement for efficient automation using its platform’s capability to turn first-hand sensor-driven location, condition, and security inputs into reliable and intelligent business signals that large enterprises can use to automate their business confidently. 

Roambee grew the monthly shipments it monitors by 138% in 2022 by adding new customers and expanding to more lanes, regions, and business units of its 300+ solid customer base, out of which 50 of them are Top 100 companies in Pharma, Food, Electronics, Chemicals, Automotive, and Logistics. 

Its innovative yet proven supply chain technology won Roambee strong industry recognition, such as Runner Up out of 6 Finalists in the CSCMP Supply Chain Innovation Award, the badge of ‘Leader – Summer 2022’ on the real-time G2 Grid® for the top Asset Tracking Software products, and Top Software & Tech Providers Award by Food Logistics. 

Roambee's Intelligence is Driving 6 Major Industry Transformations

In 2022, Roambee made at least one transformative impact on these industries and use cases:

1. The Pharma Industry is Automating Quality Control 

One of the world’s largest pharma companies headquartered in the US automates quality control of its vaccines by predicting quality acceptance of shipments days before they arrive using Roambee’s business signals.

Roambee further narrowed in on the top 20 lanes that generated 6X stoppage times (24 days as against an average of 4 to 5 days) out of their 500+ lanes and also demonstrated quality compliance by airline, carrier, and transporter on these lanes to better plan temperature excursion and security risks mitigations. It helped the firm reduce cost, mitigate supply risks, and become more sustainable through lesser wastage. 

2. The Food Industry is Improving Brand Promise Every Season

That piece of chocolate you gift a loved one this Valentine’s day might leave a bad taste if its quality is compromised. A prominent European chocolatier transformed its supply chain to make its supply season-proof, even in warm regions.

Roambee’s intelligence helped identify the top 20 of their 93 lanes in the APAC region that contributed to more than 60% of their cold chain compliance breaches. It enabled them to achieve 85%+ compliance, up from 59% compared to the same season during the previous year, to maintain brand promise, increase sustainability, and reduce costs incurred from wastage owing to rejected goods

3. The Chemical Industry is Automating Complex Rail Logistics

Rail is a cost-friendly and carbon-friendly mode of transport. However, it comes with the uncertainty of ETAs and difficulty in managing railcars (assets) operated. A British multinational is automating its railcar management operations with Roambee.

Roambee’s heat maps precisely uncovered consumption patterns and dwell times remotely at every customer site and enabled optimized deliveries, timely rail car retrievals, and accurate forward/reverse ETAs, driving efficient railcar management and automation.

4. The Reusable Packaging Industry is Generating Unforeseen Efficiencies

Managing reusable packaging is riddled with challenges around theft and poor utilization for companies in the Food, Retail, and Automotive business. The American Bakers Association estimates the baking sector spends more than $10 million annually in plastic tray replacement costs due to theft. Dwell time is a critical component that increases the chance of theft.

Roambee’s intelligence enabled one of the largest returnable packaging operators serving the Food & Retail industries to reduce idle dwell time at their processing facilities by 34% in just 2.5 years, leading to a proportional increase in revenue per asset.

Roambee also predicted assets at risk of loss or theft based on route patterns, aging, and location awareness. 

5. Industrial Manufacturing Firms are Building Lean and Resilient Production Lines

Manufacturing lines with sub-assemblies in the Industrial Goods, Auto Makers, and Automotive OEM segments witness choke points and inefficiencies, leading to inaccurate estimation of the production schedules during a particular day, week, or month. It further generates downstream delays through a bullwhip effect in logistics planning and fulfillment of customer orders.

With Roambee’s intelligence, a large automotive OEM transformed its manufacturing by accurately diagnosing that its slowest and fastest processes varied heavily (by about 57%). It further analyzed that just two lines were to be optimized by 18% to run all sub-assembly lines in synchrony to prevent inventory pileups.

6. The High-Value Goods Segment is Reducing Theft with Minimal Effort

One of the world’s largest apparel manufacturers with 50+ factories and 248 lanes faced the challenge of theft, leading to the dilution of their brands. With Roambee’s intelligence, they are transforming their shipping operations with tamper & security warning signals based on events such as opening container doors at unauthorized locations.

Roambee’s intelligence narrowed down the top 16 lanes out of 248 lanes (just 6%), contributing to more than 50% of security threats – saving the manufacturer 94% of effort in plugging gaps in supply chain security management.

Roadmap for 2023

Roambee has set out three key priorities for this year. 

  1. Roambee will be rolling out its location-aware intelligence platform for all 3PL companies to monetize and offer increased value to their customers.
  2. Roambee will further the supply chain intelligence available on its platform and increase its sensor-agnostic capabilities to add more data sources, enabling its AI and machine learning to improve the PREDICTION ACCURACY of supply chain and business KPIs.
  3. Roambee is investing in driving sustainability for enterprises through Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emission metrics analytics and predictions in the supply chain on its platform.

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Thank you for your trust and continued support in transforming one industry at a time.

Sanjay Sharma,
CEO, Roambee