September 6, 2021
September 6, 2021

Enabling 3PLs to Deliver Value On Time

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3PL Cargo Tracking

Providing Shipment Visibility across All Modes

Monitoring goods at an item-level with no dependence on transport contractors

Integrating air, ocean, rail, and road data in real time

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real-time shipment tracking

Enabling Deliveries as Committed

Enabling 3PLs to win customer trust through delivery in full and on time (DIFOT)

Providing a holistic view of your shipments in transit, whether line-hauls or milk-runs

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yard management System

Increasing Productivity of Fleet

Speeding up load/unload times and reducing detention wait times

Improving utilization to get more business-hours per truck

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Smart Warehousing

Enabling Smart Warehousing without the Complexities of RFID

Empowering the creation of a smart warehousing in days with no networking infrastructure

Removing manual scanning processes to save critical time

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spoilage monitoring

Preventing Spoilage and Enabling Compliance

Identifying and addressing temperature fluctuation spots in your warehouses or trucks instantly

Providing a real-time quality audit trail on cargo condition

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Deliver Better by Adding Visibility and Analytics

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