GPS vs RFID vs Roambee for Cargo Security eBook

Learn how Roambee is different from GPS or RFID

Loss or theft of goods is an old problem, but the way you handle cargo security, and the solutions that tackle it are relatively recent. GPS and RFID were the two major technologies being used to address the problem of cargo security. But with the increased complexities of supply chain, not upgrading the technology to combat cargo security issues like theft and loss wouldn’t be a very smart idea.

Read about how the existing cargo security technologies like GPS and RFID tags compare to Roambee when it comes to securing your cargo across the supply chain.

This eBook covers:

  • What GPS vehicle tracking can and cannot do
  • The difference between passive and active RFID when it comes to cargo security
  • How Roambee’s hybrid IoT solution overcomes the drawbacks of GPS and RFID systems
  • How these technologies perform for warehouse security, in-transit logistics security, and cargo container security applications.

Download the eBook to learn how our cargo security solution sets itself apart from GPS and RFID, and how you can upgrade!

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