Temperature Data Logger vs Bluetooth Temperature Sensors vs BeeBeacon Comparison Sheet

Temperature data loggers have been in use for decades now. But the ever-evolving supply chain technology demands for data capturing technology to be as advanced.

Bluetooth Temperature Sensors have been of help in touchless data extraction too, but they only provide data in the end, after trip completion. What we really need is real-time visibility, that only IoT can make possible.

The guide will allow you to see for yourself how the BeeBeacon real-time monitoring solution for cold chain fares in comparison to temperature data loggers & Bluetooth temperature sensors prevalent in the industry.

This 11-point comparison guide covers:

  • Type of visibility
  • Granularity
  • Sensors
  • Data extraction
  • Size and weight
  • Infrastructure requirement at receiver’s location
  • Software and data security
  • Data analytics, alerts, and reports
  • Cost
  • Time to setup
  • Ability to ensure an uninterrupted cold chain

BeeBeacons are the industry’s first GPS/GSM/BLE/Wi-Fi based package-level monitoring solution for warehouses and transport logistics.

Here’s your ready reckoner for a technical comparison between temperature data loggers, Bluetooth temperature sensors, and Roambee’s BeeBeacon cold chain monitoring solution.

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