Enabling Data Driven Supply Chains through Information Sharing

Enabling Data Driven Supply Chains through Information Sharing

Expert Panel Discussion

Hear how business intelligence and information leaders will maximize the RoI of supply chain data. Learn how supply chain data can help unlock new business models through information sharing and data-driven logistics.

Access to on-demand, real-time, and end-to-end supply chain data is key to unlocking the full potential of logistics and supply chains. From manufacturers, Logistic Service Providers (LSP)/Third-Party Logistics providers (3PLs), port authorities, and terminal operators through to regulatory bodies, Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCO), financiers, and the end consumer; all stand to benefit from supply chain data & information sharing.

What will you get

In this session, our panel of industry experts discusses:

  • The supply chain data and information landscape
  • The top supply chain opportunities with information sharing
  • Information sharing bottlenecks and challenge
  • What can logistics and supply chain professionals do about it?


  • Supply Chain Data webinar - Dr. Hanane Becha

    Dr. Hanane Becha

    Transport & Logistics Vice Chair, UN/CEFACT

    Dr. Becha is an Innovation and Standards Senior Manager at Traxens. She also serves as UN/CEFACT Smart Container Project Lead and UN/CEFACT Track and Trace Project Lead. She is also CEFACT Transport & Logistics Domain Smart Container Project Leader at the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). She has a Ph.D. and an M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa and a B.Sc. from Université du Québec. She is the editor of multiple documents for the International Telecommunications Union, Standardization Sector.

  • Supply Chain Data webinar - Dr. Mikael Lind

    Dr. Mikael Lind

    Senior Strategic Research Advisor, Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

    Mikael is an active contributor to the practical and scientific debate on open digital innovation, collaboration, business process management, and data sharing for several industries. He initiated and heads open innovation initiatives related to ICT for sustainable transports of people and goods including Sea Traffic Management and Port Collaborative Decision Making (PortCDM). He is the co-founder of Maritime Informatics and has also acted as rapporteur at Digital Transport Logistic Forum (DTLF) and provides his expertise to World Economic Forum.

  • Supply Chain Data webinar - Wolfgang Lehmacher

    Wolfgang Lehmacher

    Former Head of Supply Chain, World Economic Forum

    Wolfgang is a global supply chain and technology strategist. He is a Roambee board member, Operating Partner at Anchor Group and has held senior leadership roles at the World Economic Forum, Corporate Value Associates, La Poste and TNT. He is an author, futurist and a member of the Logistikweisen, an expert committee under the patronage of the German Federal Ministry BMVI, and the World Economic Forum global expert network.

  • Supply Chain Data webinar - Premsai Sainathan

    Premsai Sainathan

    Director of Marketing, Roambee

    Prem is responsible for end-to-end digital marketing which includes solution marketing, product go-to-market communications, web, social, & content based evangelization for demand generation. He is an author, speaker in tech conferences & as an all-round tech entrepreneur his experience spans from building core technology for the prestigious LIGO gravitational wave observatories to leading IoT sales and solution deployments.