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BeeCentral 24x7

We act, so you don't have to.

BeeCentral is the first to respond when anything doesn’t go according to a well laid-out plan. It also performs all the coordination necessary to keep your operations running effectively and efficiently all day, every day, freeing you up to do better things!

What is BeeCentral 24x7?

BeeCentral 24x7 is a smart supply chain control tower service that uses a combination of live sensor data, AI-enabled alerting & analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), plus human-intervention to reduce operational risks, costs, and whatever’s necessary to help you achieve better business ROI.

Is BeeCentral a Value-added Service?

Yes, you can add BeeCentral to any of our service packages like shipment monitoring, inventory monitoring, returnable asset monitoring, or field asset monitoring.

How Does BeeCentral Work?

BeeCentral delivers measurable benefits using a combination of AI, RPA, and human intelligence.

  • Our AI-enabled analytics engine predicts and prescribes the right course of action when a disruption, dip in efficiency, or a business risk is observed.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implements AI-prescriptions on your own or vendor systems automatically.

  • A team of frontline experts proactively coordinate with people in your enterprise eco-system, as and when needed, so your operations never miss a beat.

This combination of smart technology and a skilled workforce makes BeeCentral more effective than supply chain control towers that are not backed by data and automation.

How Do You Set Up BeeCentral?

You can subscribe to BeeCentral as an add on to our monitoring services. Once you do so, we will get you up and running in four easy steps:

  • Define: You define a customized Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) about the situations, anomalies, and exceptions you’re expecting — and the appropriate repose to each of them.

  • Orient: We train our systems (AI/RPA-enabled rules engines and bots) and orient our BeeCentral team on the SOP.

  • Act: We monitor, observe, and act, while logging every anomaly and response for future reference. We escalate as needed too!

  • Appraise: We provide you with regular reports and insights to help you with your business objectives.

Does BeeCentral Work Globally?

Yes, it works globally, 24x7.

Examples of Scenarios That BeeCentral Can Address

  • Rescheduling a window of delivery based on ETA changes

  • Resolving an incorrect delivery before it affects downstream scheduling and route planning

  • Re-routing or re-shipping goods that could be damaged in transit

  • Onward delivery and pickup scheduling for multi-modal shipments

  • Expediting clearance procedures to prevent onward delays

  • Mitigating risk through coordination with people in the chain of custody

  • Immediate response to a security risk in coordination with on-ground personnel

  • Working with multiple stakeholders to improve asset utilization

  • Coordinating the retrieval of ageing assets to prevent loss due to negligence

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