The Business Value of Visibility in Logistics

The Business Value of Visibility in Logistics

Webinar Discussion

Watch this webinar to learn: How to get business value from logistics visibility through real-time goods and asset monitoring

The business case for logistics visibility through real-time goods and asset monitoring technologies is clear. The digital supply chain promises much more than just an update on your goods and assets. Continuous logistics visibility provides the opportunity to tackle wider business challenges, including:

  • Poor data quality and completeness
  • Ineffective technology landscape
  • Fragmented customer experience
  • High operation costs

How do you move from business case to business value using logistics visibility? This webinar was broadcasted on 30 July, 2020.

Key Takeaways

In this webinar, our guest speaker Rajesh Chauhan — Enterprise IoT Architect at Interstate Batteries, will show you how to prioritize business opportunities and reap business value through logistics visibility, i.e., real-time goods and asset monitoring. Rajesh will share practical tips on how to leverage logistics visibility to:

  • Innovate and create new products and service models
  • Re-invent and transform your current operations by improving efficiency
  • Rationalize and decommission irrelevant products, services, and processes


  • Logistics Visibility - Rajesh Chauhan

    Rajesh Chauhan

    Enterprise Architect & IoT Strategist, Interstate Batteries

    Rajesh has over 29 years of Multi-Domain IT experience more recently spent in strategic leadership roles of Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation enabling Technologies to deliver business value outcomes. He is driven by solution-oriented mindset, deep analytical capabilities, technology enthusiast with extensive knowledge across various business verticals.

    He has led successful delivery and outstanding business results driving transformational strategies in the space of enterprise technology solutions and applied digital innovations. Rajesh acquired his skills through real life experience, down in the trenches, starting with the fundamental of Infrastructure Engineering, Unix/Database Administrator, C+/Java Developer, Data Architect progressing through technology lead positions into the roles of Technology Strategist, Data, IoT and Integration champion to drive enterprise digital transformation life-cycle.