Logistics visibility beyond “where is my shipment?”

Logistics visibility beyond “where is my shipment?”

Webinar Discussion

Watch this webinar to learn: Why is logistics visibility so important? How will it impact your business? What is the best way to achieve logistics visibility?

Advancements in technology have made receiving timely and accurate goods, asset, and shipment information a reality for manufacturers, distributors, and third-party logistics companies (3PLs). It’s time to realize the full value of supply chain and logistics visibility.

What will you get

In this interactive webinar discussion, Rajesh Chauhan from Interstate Batteries Inc, Amgad Abdelwaly from Aramex, and Vidya Subramanian from Roambee share their experience building the business case for, implementing, and realizing the value of, logistics visibility. Join the webinar to have your questions answered and get insights into:

  • The broader benefits of logistics visibility
  • The common logistics visibility adoption challenges
  • The top tips for choosing logistics visibility solutions
  • Best practice for maximizing your ROI from logistics visibility


  • Logistics Visibility - Amgad Abdelwaly

    Amgad Abdelwaly

    Global Head of Customer Solution and Innovation, Aramex

    Amgad has over 15 years of experience spear heading and enabling IT projects at GET Group Holdings, Omnix and NTP Software to name a few. Amgad is passionate about digital transformation and has been heavily involved in the digital revolution and innovation happening in Dubai. Amgad has a Masters degree in IT Management from the the American University of Sharjah and a Bachelor’s degree in CS from Ain Shams University.

  • Logistics Visibility - Rajesh Chauhan

    Rajesh Chauhan

    Enterprise Architect & IoT Strategist, Interstate Batteries

    Rajesh has over 29 years of Multi-Domain IT experience more recently spent in leadership roles of Enterprise Architecture and Digital Transformation enabling Technologies to deliver business value outcomes. Rajesh is a solution-oriented analytical technology enthusiast with extensive knowledge of various business verticals. Rajesh previously held strategic roles at IBM, Avaya Inc, Lucent Technologies (now Nokia) and Trilogy Software.

  • Logistics Visibility - Vidya Subramanian

    Vidya Subramanian

    Vice President of Products, Roambee

    An energetic leader and results-driven executive with over 15 years of solution delivery experience. Vidya is responsible for product strategy, product delivery, and product management with a singular focus on product-market fit. Before Roambee, Vidya held senior leadership roles at KeyTone Technologies Inc, Global Asset Tracking UK Ltd, Plexus Technologies Inc., KPMG Consulting, Unisys, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

  • Logistics Visibility - Scott Hurley

    Scott Hurley

    Vice President of Product Marketing, Roambee

    As VP of Product Marketing, Scott is responsible for understanding our customers’ problems and translating them into effective value propositions, positioning, and messaging for Roambee’s target markets. Scott has over 20 years of location intelligence experience from previous leadership roles at Uptake, HERE Technologies, and GISinc.