How to Unlock Logistics & Supply Chains with Artificial Intelligence

Webinar Discussion

In an increasingly digitally connected world with abundant data sources, manufacturers and logistics companies need even more efficient ways to make effective supply chain decisions in real-time.


How do you overcome the delays in analyzing real-time data? How do you translate that to better understand supply chain and distribution risks? How do you reduce the time to decide the best course of action and act on it? And the biggest question — how do you leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) in logistics? This webinar was broadcasted on 11 June, 2020.

Key Takeaways

In order to truly empower your supply chain with data that you can trust, decipher in seconds, use “right then & there,” and act without further need for analysis, you need to use AI in logistics. It will provide a “business-friendly view” of location and condition data collected in the field.

Watch this webinar to learn how AI in logistics can completely transform how supply chains work. It will provide a business-friendly view of your goods and assets monitoring data and how using AI in logistics can be a game-changing step in assimilating and instantly validating important data points across multiple data streams for faster and smarter decision-making.


Shailesh Mangal

Vice President – Engineering, Roambee

Shailesh Mangal

Vice President – Engineering, Roambee

Shailesh has been developing enterprise and web applications for more than 20 years. He is responsible for the ensuring excellence in the development, performance, and quality across all Roambee platforms and applications.

His passion spans from nurturing highly productive and agile development teams to steering through fast-paced ever-changing development landscapes and maintaining code quality & performance. His main areas of interest include object-oriented design, system and cloud architectures, big data, real-time search, and analytics.

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