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To celebrate and bring more visibility into the work of our
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These candid conversations bring out the knowledge and experience of our supply chain heroes from around the world. We discuss their journeys working in supply chain, their experiments with technology, what worked, what didn’t work, implementation challenges, collaboration, digitization journeys, ROI, and most importantly, how technology has impacted their lives.

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Episode 34 | Matt Palackdharry

Chief Strategy Officer, Apty

Supply Chain Podcast Episode 34

We first dissect the unique challenges of software adoption in supply chain. We then identify strategies for driving adoption in different geos and with remote employees. Lastly, we outline the top three areas for solution providers to drive further adoption.

Episode 33 | Sarah Humphrey

Founder and Host, Let's Talk Supply Chain and Blended

Supply Chain Technology Podcast | Episode 33

In this episode of Supply Chain Podcast, we first dive into Sarah’s supply chain journey. We then learn actionable branding hacks for SaaS companies looking to break through the noise and also identify how personal branding can skyrocket your start-up. Whether you’re a startup or a multinational enterprise, this episode is your go-to guide for bringing your brand up to speed with the times.

Episode 32 | Ian Barber

European Transport Manager, British American Tobacco.


We delve into BATs journey through emerging technology. First, we learn why BAT is focused on electrified trucks, not autonomous vehicles or drones, and how tech is helping them overcome regulatory compliance and trade challenges globally. Finally, we discuss the role Roambee is playing in BAT’s strategy, and how they stay competitive in an innovation-driven market.  


Episode 31 | Shailesh Mangal

Vice President Of Engineering, Roambee


We discuss AI’s potential in enhancing data quality in supply chain for optimal decision-making. And also how AI and human expertise can work together to deal with the increasing complexities of supply chain. We round off the episode with some practical steps when implementing AI solutions for data quality enhancement.


Episode 30 | Andrea Goeman

Senior Vice President - Sustainability, JAS Worldwide

Roambee Supply Chain Technology Podcast Episode 30

We discuss how to build a future proof ESG strategy, and the importance of getting the buy-in from all your stakeholders. Further, we also discuss the importance of building a business culture that attracts, develops and retains the leadership, talent and skills needed to drive an ESG strategy. Also, we break down some of the misconceptions of the negative impact an ESG strategy can have on our company.  

Episode 29 | José Baptista

Operations Director, Stratasys

Roambee Supply Chain Technology Podcast Episode 29

We discuss the evolution of 3-D printing, and how it is enabling operational and supply chain excellence in multiple industries. We also dispel the common concerns of adopting 3-D printing. And we learn the endless potential of this technology, and I know from listening or watching this episode you will learn how you can advance your supply chain today with this technology.

Episode 28 | Paulo Echeverri

Director Technical Operations, Etihad Airways

We find out how Etihad are preventing the loss and cost leakage of their FAT’s (Fly Away Kits), a common challenge in the airline industry. We also learn where else they are looking to scale the Roambee solution in their supply chain to deal with other challenges they are facing.

Episode 27 | Lucy Alexander

Capabilities Lead, Global Supply Chain & Strategy, AstraZeneca

Join us on the latest episode of Supply Chain Technology Podcast where we’re discussing how technology is shifting the workforce mindset, and why it is making us redesign job roles. Learn how Astrazeneca is enabling their employees to evolve, and how as a company they are re-strategising recruitment to find the right people…

Episode 26 | Mark Baxa

President & CEO, CSCMP

How do we deal with the impact and pressures from war, viruses and everything else that is creating shortages and unpredictable supply chain disruptions in the world today? And what technology is out there to help us predict and be more agile to deal with them? We discussed this and more…

Episode 25 | René Kronenburg

Supply Chain IT Regional Manager - EMEA at AbbVie

We discuss how the pharma industry currently integrates data with external partners, the cost and time consumption of EDI vs. having a central information hub all pharma companies and 3PLs can connect to. We also answer the pressing question: Should you be doing this on your own or in collaboration with partners?

Episode 24 | Chris Moose

Blockchain & Web3 Executive, IBM

We discuss where our time and money should be invested, with the increasing supply chain security risks as more and more companies embark on their digitalisation journey. We also define Blockchain and discuss how together with real-time sensing it can help us decrease and overcome these risks.

Episode 23 | Ilya Preston

CEO, Paxafe

We discuss how active risk management is evolving the perishable goods industry’s approach to risk in supply chain globally. We also have an interesting conversation about the innovative technology that allows us to predict risk and the challenges solution providers face while deploying this technology with their customers.

Episode 22 | Jakob Muus

Director Sustainability Tribe, Transporeon

We discuss the great work Jakob has been doing to help companies achieve their 2030/2050 sustainability goals to become carbon neutral and carbon negative – where we are, where we need to get to, and how we will get there.

Episode 21 | Magnus Blinge

Research Manager at Scania; Professor at Linköping University

We dive into how much we rely on batteries in our supply chain, the challenges we face globally, & how Magnus is working to overcome these challenges in his research; along with some great insights into what we can do today to push battery advancements forward, & the importance it has on our supply chain and the world.

Episode 20 | Marc Evrard

Logistics Quality Lead & Validation Manager, Vifor Pharma

Marc tells us how Vifor Pharma combats global disruptions, how they are building an agile supply chain to combat future global disruptions, how it impacts their business culture, and the surprises along the way; giving you new ideas and strategies to combat global disruptions impacting your supply chain.

Episode 19 | Jim Boss

Global Operational Excellence & Quality, S&C Electric Company

Jim speaks with us about his 25 years of experience working with S&C Electric Company, the challenges they faced before they invested in real-time supply chain visibility, what their approach was, their learnings and advice to others. We finish off the podcast with a round of quick fire questions.

Episode 18 | Marco Aurelio de Andrade

Ex-Customer Intelligence Analyst, Gerdau Summit

Marco discusses how to implement visibility to monitor and optimize work in process inventory in large manufacturing lines. It covers the type of IoT solutions explored, the implementation process, and the data arising from reports and dashboards to improve supply chain efficiencies and customer experience.

Episode 17 | Tineke Van de Voorde

Key Account Manager, Port of Antwerp

Tineke discusses how port authorities today need to rethink their role as multimodal logistics orchestrators, going beyond shipping and receiving; and how digitization of data is bringing all stakeholders on the same page about their cargo.

Episode 16 | Brett Marshal

Corporate Head - Quality Assurance, Zuellig Pharma

He discusses the challenges that confront pharma cold chains and how real-time visibility data can reduce the risk. With the COVID-19 vaccine distribution endeavor underway, Brett’s insights on keeping pharmaceutical cold chains in top quality are timely and valuable.

Episode 15 | Peter Marshall

Former Director of Supply Chains at Dow Chemical

He reflects on 30+ years of experience in chemical sector implementing digital transformation programmes, embracing new technologies and adjusting to the new normal amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Peter also provides top tips for supply chain professionals driving data driven efficiency and change in their organisations.

Episode 14 | Gráinne Lynch

EU Serialization Lead - Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Accenture

In this second episode with Gráinne, she walks us through the serialization and traceability landscape in the food and beverages industry, “farm to fork” concepts and examples of shipment and serialization traceability convergence.

Episode 13 | Glyn Hughes

Director General, TIACA; Former Global Head of Cargo, IATA

Glyn walks us through the air freight landscape, trends, challenges and opportunities amidst the pandemic. He has been involved in Air Cargo for over 30 years having started his career with British Caledonian in the UK.

Episode 12 | Jochen Vincke

Partner, PwC Belgium

Jochen reflects on the supply chain and manufacturing technology landscape and trends in the run up to (and during) the pandemic including glocalisation, consumer centricity and the transition from lean thinking to resilience.

Episode 11 | Amgad Abdelwaly

Global Head of Customer Solution and Innovation, Aramex

Amgad shares what full visibility using IoT sensor logistics means in practical terms; some examples of the challenges that customers were facing prior to adopting this approach; how to successfully integrate IoT technologies into your business transformation strategy.

Episode 10 | Dr. Mikael Lind

Sr. Strategic Research Advisor, Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

He shares some of the challenges the maritime logistics industry faces & how digitalization & the rise of digital twins can be game changer for manufacturers, shippers and freighters. He is an active contributor to the debate on open digital innovation, & data sharing at the EU Digital Transport Logistics Forum, WFP & UN CEFACT.

Episode 9 | Gráinne Lynch

EU Serialization Lead - Manufacturing & Supply Chain, Accenture

In this episode, Gráinne shares some of the serialization & traceability challenges the industry faces as it ramps up to distribute vaccines in the new normal at an unprecedented scale & velocity. She works with Enterprise System Partners (Accenture Company), providing information services for the pharmaceutical & biotech sector.

Episode 8 | Dr. Muddassir Ahmed

MEA Regional Planning & Operations Manager, Bridgestone EMEA

Dr. Muddassir shares with us the most common and unique supply chain problems he’s come across; the top 3 supply chain management trends & technologies; and some top tips for supply chain management professionals in the new normal. He is also the founder of SCMDOJO, a leading blog for supply chain management professionals.

Episode 7 | Stephanie Atkinson

Founder and CEO, Compass Intelligence

Stephanie shares with us the biggest advancements she’s seen around IoT adoption in 2020, data analytics trends and also winning IoT models in supply chain and logistics. Compass Intelligence is a boutique market research and advisory firm providing market intelligence and consulting services to companies around the globe.

Episode 6 | Gopal R

Global VP - Supply Chain Practice, Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan is a leading global research and consulting firm world renowned for their market intelligence, insight and advisory services. Gopal shares with us supply chain transformation trends; the top 5 emerging technologies; and how supply chain and logistics professionals are leveraging these technologies.

Episode 5 | Sue Lee

Director, Hexagon Supply Chain

Hexagon Supply Chain is a consultancy dedicated to empowering all actors in the pharma logistics chain of custody with effective education, planning and procedures. Sue shares some of the challenges that the world faces as it ramps up to distribute the COVID-19 vaccines in the new normal at an unprecedented scale and velocity.

Episode 4 | Florian Birkle

Business Analyst - SCM, Multivac Gruppe

Multivac Gruppe is a leading manufacturer of packaging and food processing machinery. Florian shares with us his experience implementing data driven supply chain innovation within a traditional manufacturing environment with real-time goods and asset monitoring; and the RoI of logistics and supply chain visibility for internal and external customers.

Episode 3 | Balaji Jayakumar

Chief Operating Officer, MaxQ

MaxQ was recently recognized as winner of the “2020 DHL Life Sciences and Healthcare Innovation Challenge”. Balaji shares some of the challenges in pharma and life sciences packaging industry; examples of condition excursions in the chain of custody of a shipment, the risks of getting condition monitoring wrong; and the role of real-time IoT-based asset monitoring for condition monitoring and compliance.

Episode 2 | Wolfgang Lehmacher

Board Member, Executive Advisor and Business Angel

In this episode, Wolfgang talks to us about the global shift from “resilience” to “performance and smart decisions” in the new normal. Wolfgang shares his views on the key pillars and realities for supply chains post pandemic, what performance means in real terms for businesses along with some examples. Finally, Wolfgang recommends technologies that will be key for professionals in this paradigm.

Episode 1 | Rajesh Chauhan

Enterprise Architect & Technology Strategist, Interstate Batteries

We ask Rajesh about the importance of operational efficiency at scale and some of the challenges he has faced in coordinating replenishments across a nationwide dealership network. He shares how he’s capturing the live sales velocity at his dealerships today as part of his vendor managed inventory efficiency drive, some of the limitations of legacy monitoring systems like RFID and solutions he considered/decided

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