Increased Adoption, Key Supply Chain Events, and Continued Innovation - Roambee's Q2 2022 Newsletter

Sanjay Sharma | July 28, 2022


I’m pleased to share key market learnings in Q2 2022 and the strides Roambee made during the quarter.

Despite the softening of economic growth in the world, Q2 proved that growth and demand for high-fidelity visibility in supply chain shows no signs of cooling, with the Global 500s and mature supply chain markets like North America and Europe leading the way.

Roambee was well-received at key industry events globally, including at the 7th (Pharma) Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Programme, European Freight Leaders Forum (F&L), Reuters Supply Chain Events, and Gartner Supply Chain Symposium Xpo.

We demonstrated the highest quality benchmarks, were recognized as an innovative leader in rail logistics visibility, and we’re continuously innovating on edge computing, and more.

Here are the complete bites on Roambee and the supply chain technology space in Q2…

Increased Adoption for Roambee Amidst the Economic Soft-Landing

We witnessed tremendous adoption of high-fidelity visibility in supply chain despite the economic soft landings around the world.

The growth in average visibility requirement per prospect especially grew in mature markets such as North America & Europe, with a significant portion of the Global 500s in Pharma, Food & Packaging, Electronics, Chemicals, Automotive, and Logistics strongly evaluating the implementation of Roambee’s visibility at scale from the get-go.

We also observed that visibility implementation is scaling beyond the last mile and into the line haul segment, especially in intermodal shipping. The Global 500s recognize that improving customer experience needs optimization of the entire demand chain in a global market.

Exchanging Ideas at Every Key Supply Chain Event

Roambee was invited to speak at the 7th Supply Chain & Logistics Innovation Programme in May 2022 at Basel, Switzerland. Held in a secluded and quiet venue in the hills of Basel, over 200 people representing the Top 100 pharma companies attended it. Our talk on, “Moving the Pharma industry from passive to active intervention,” inspired the audiences, especially those who were split on exploring newer active technology in place of existing passive data loggers.

We participated in the European Freight Leaders Forum (F&L) event in Luxembourg in May. The event hosted 150 people, a very diverse audience of shippers, solution providers, and 3PLs. It had good balance between presentations and open discussions, with fantastic panel discussions involving companies such as Unilever, P&G, Scania, Nike, and more.

We were present at the Reuters Supply Chain Planning event, held in May at the artsy Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago, USA. The event weighed the present focus of companies dealing with supply chain challenges, bringing out the ground realities. Almost all the companies attending were already on their digitalisation journey. Some were trying to figure it out on their own while others were actively seeking solutions partners to elevate their game.

The Gartner Supply Chain Symposium Xpo, held in June at Orlando USA had 2,500 people walk through three days of the event with active networking at the venue’s foyer. The presentations in the event were very well backed up with data and case studies, with a focus on things you can do “today.” Roambee performed a flash mob with a New Orleans-style brass band, celebrating the use of increased visibility by today’s supply chain heroes.

Roambee Continues to be an Innovator & Trendsetter

Roambee’s work on deploying smart sensor technology to transform the rail industry recently won us a spot as 1 of 6 finalists in the 2022 Supply Chain Innovation of the Year Award hosted by the prestigious Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), alongside brands such as American Eagle Outfitters, Holcim, and Kimberly-Clark’s EARL.

Our sensor-driven visibility, analytics platform, and innovation offer companies an effective alternative to costly air or road transport challenges, through measurable ROI realized with 70% more accurate ETAs. It helps achieve predictable delivery windows and optimization of railcar fleet with location and condition analytics – a possibility previously unheard of in rail transportation. One of the world’s largest chemical producers, that operates across more than 25 countries, is overcoming its greatest supply chain challenges using this innovative solution.

Our sensing technology has further evolved in Q2 to enable mission-critical shipments like vaccines or food with edge intelligence. Edge intelligence in sensors speeds up decision-making by saving important minutes or seconds lost in cloud communications, especially for multimodal transport applications where connectivity is intermittent.

Our Quality Standards are Now Industry-Proven

Roambee’s quality standards are now validated by our global customers and third parties. We continue to secure highest supplier ratings with zero critical errors in our systems and processes.

To ensure top quality data and services to its customers, Roambee further leverages third party firms to audit the quality of its hardware and cloud platforms.

With a continuous quality improvement program in place, we are on the path to obtaining the highest industry standards for both Quality Management and Information Security.

What’s in Store for the Rest of 2022?

Roambee shall continue its commitment to quality improvement, innovation, and customer-focus.

We’re working on improving item-level visibility & intelligence in the supply chain. There’s strong customer interest and ROI in this application as a few item-level disruptions can trigger millions of dollars spent in the demand chain.

We will continue to lend a keen ear to our customers and the industry voice. We plan to be present and speak in key conferences in Q3, such as the CSCMP’s Edge Conference 2022 in Nashville, TN, USA.

We are also planning joint webinars with other companies solving similar challenges in the industry.

I humbly seek your support in working as partners in this journey to sustainably transform global supply chains for the better, with the use of technology.

Warm regards,
Sanjay Sharma,
CEO, Roambee