Roambee's 2020 Newsletter - Growth, Innovation, and the Way Forward

Sanjay Sharma | January 15, 2021

Hello & Happy 2021! I’m pleased to share 2020’s updates and our plans for 2021.

2020 was a year like none other in recent history. Almost all business suffered in some form or the other, some never saw the light of day. However, because of your trust and constant support, Roambee sustained its growth momentum and kept the logistics industry moving effectively with real-time visibility.

Romabee won 5 industry awards in various categories in 2020, demonstrating our product and service excellence.

Last year, Roambee witnessed both new and existing customer growth, innovated on the product front, and improved its business controls. Today, Roambee is better built for scale than ever before and poised to continue its path of hypergrowth in 2021.

Customer Growth

Roambee’s sales orders were up 126% over 2019 and many customers expanded their engagements. We won new customers and expanded our existing engagements in monitoring reusable containers, COVID-19 vaccines, data server products, and even smart phones. We’ve also begun working with B2B insurance companies that are using Roambee to reduce their customers’ logistics risk. Some of our new global customers include Sonoco, IFCO Packaging, ICICI Lombard Insurance, and the United Nations World Food Programme.

Our add-on services such as the BeeCentral control tower helped our customers improve business productivity from sensor-enabled visibility.

Roambee is fast-emerging as a leader in the real-time logistics visibility space, aided by its firsthand visibility approach, data, analytics, and control tower proactivity.

Key Innovations

Roambee has taken a leadership position in multimodal cargo monitoring. Our live sensor technology for air cargo monitoring, the BeeSense Air, won Compass Intelligence’s IoT Innovator award. The BeeSense Air makes it possible for any actor in the air cargo supply chain to get firsthand visibility at a package level, from door to door, unhindered by the restrictions on use of Lithium batteries in shipment tracking devices.

Roambee’s Visibility Platform was upgraded to support any sensor hardware such as data loggers, GPS trackers, etc., that you may use in addition to our Bees. You can leverage our platform for your own use, white label it, or extend it.

Our analytics capabilities have evolved to tell your logistics story at network level. Customers can now foresee dwell time, aging, handling, and condition risk by transporter, customer, or vendor, and modify their shipping/routing plans to better orchestrate their logistics.

Built to Service at Scale

Scaling innovative products, and catering to customer demands at scale, require robust business controls. Roambee invested early in the right tools and processes to achieve this.

In 2020, we implemented scalable ERP and CRM systems globally to better manage revenue, operations, accounting, compliances, and offer stakeholders a 360-degree view of the business. We also integrated these tools with our customer portal and apps. This has helped our customers experience improved response times, get better support ticket visibility, reduce invoicing errors, and improve payment/tax re-conciliations, irrespective of the country of operations and irrespective of whether a customer monitors ten or ten-thousand assets

The early implementation of such business controls has set Roambee up for efficient and predictable growth in 2021.

2021 Growth

Both “reliability” and “actionability” of visibility data are key to make confident and timely decisions.

Most hardware providers offer firsthand visibility but cannot deploy it at scale; the data is also in an unactionable form. Visibility platform and supply chain analytics companies may offer actionable data but rely largely on borrowed data streams from pre-installed ELDs, GPS devices, system APIs, or manually entered data points, none of which are verifiable.

Romabee thus uses firsthand IoT sensor data to create a reliable location and condition signal to begin with. It then builds actionability of this data using RPA, AI, ML, and informed control-tower action. The mix of these technologies and services positions Roambee uniquely in both the large-scale digital transformation phase and the innovation phase.

Roambee is transforming enterprises with visibility at scale using firsthand IoT sensor data.

Roambee can intake complimentary data streams on demand to complete the visibility picture.

Roambee then improves ROI from visibility using AI-enabled insights, foresights, and remote frontline response, ultimately building a real-time digital twin of your logistics.

By deploying a full-stack visibility solution on demand and at scale, Roambee forges ahead to solve some of the hardest logistics visibility challenges in the world. They include air cargo monitoring, ocean container monitoring, active pharma cold chain monitoring, food cold chain visibility, and reusable asset monitoring

However, we cannot solve the world’s hardest logistics visibility challenges alone.

We’re building and extending key partnerships to enable large ERP firms, CRM firms, logistics service providers (LSPs), telecom companies, and systems integrators. All our partners are improving top line growth and expanding their positioning lucratively for digital transformation.

Sanjay Sharma,
CEO, Roambee