Estimate Your Reusable Pallet Savings in Minutes

Supply chain cost reduction is much more than just route optimization and tracking of goods. The costs that you might be missing out on is that of returnable packaging. To significantly reduce your supply chain costs, it is necessary to address the costs related to mismanaged reusable pallets. Returnable packaging seems like a small part of the supply chain but if not managed well, it could add a lot to overall cost.

We have created a reusable pallets savings calculator that will tell you how much you can save if you work on the better returnable packaging utilization, reusable pallet working capital costs, etc.

It will help you calculate how much you can potentially save by using an LPWAN (Nb-IoT, LTE-M, Sigfox) technology to better manage your reusable pallets. The calculator considers four areas to estimate the overall returnable packaging savings for your business:

  • Pallet loss savings
  • Pallet utilization savings
  • Working capital interest savings
  • Detention cost savings

If you want a more customized expert savings analysis for your business, schedule a 30-minute no-obligation LPWAN-based Asset Monitoring solutions demo with one of our solution experts!

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