Cold Chain Savings Calculator

Learn how much IoT real-time cold chain monitoring can save for your business in less than 5 minutes!

Setting up a cold chain monitoring system and maintaining it are two very different things. As a cold chain management professional, you must know how you can gain the maximum possible benefit from cold chain management.

This can only be achieved if you’re aware of how much your cold chain monitoring system is helping you. To help make this analysis easier for you, we have created a cold chain savings calculator. The calculator will help you know how much a well-handled IoT real-time cold chain management can save for your business.

The calculator will help you in introducing better cold chain management by assessing savings from the perspective of:

  • Avoiding product spoilage and insurance co-pays
  • Avoiding reshipping costs
  • Reducing working capital interest
  • Reducing detention cost due to quicker approvals
  • Reducing spend on crisis management
  • Reducing spend customer retention

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