4 Real World Examples of The Evolution of IoT in Logistics Today

Expert Webinar

From passive monitors, sensor-less electronic departure information to real-time sensors, and networked intelligence, the evolution of IoT in logistics is providing supply chain and logistics professionals (and their businesses) the edge today.

This webinar was broadcasted on 17 November 2020.

What will you get

In this session, we will share how IoT in logistics visibility evolution has moved from operational to strategic business importance with four real-world examples of IoT in logistics from leading food and beverage and pharmaceutical brands:

  • End-to-end parcel/shipment visibility on land, sea, air, and in the warehouse
  • Efficient utilization and velocity of returnable shipment/packaging assets
  • Protecting temperature-sensitive goods from temperature/condition excursions
  • Monitoring and maintaining capacity and compliance in vaccine distribution

We will also share how IoT in logistics is helping some of the top-performing businesses. These businesses are combining supply chain control towers, artificial intelligence, and on-demand IoT business models to stay resilient amidst the pandemic.


Santosh Takoor

VP & Managing Director - Europe, Roambee

Santosh Takoor

VP & Managing Director - Europe, Roambee

Santosh champions innovation and transformative solutions, helping organizations grow their existing business and accelerate new business models. Santosh brings over 25 years of enterprise experience including leadership roles at KPMG, UBS Warburg, SAP, T-Systems and Salesforce.

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