Evaluate your BLE Beacon Solution Provider

Unless you have subject matter expertise in IoT applications, such as GPS/GSM/BLE Beacon-based real-time tracking for warehouses, yards, or shipments, it may be hard to foresee the challenges and benefits IoT implementation will bring to your business’ supply chain or asset tracking needs.

Further, with the IoT space becoming competitive, it is worth floating an RFP to evaluate your options rather than diving in with the first vendor and risking the failure of your investment. We have created a guide to help you:

  • Understand the need for an RFP
  • 7 key parameters you must evaluate in any IoT GPS/GSM/BLE beacon solution
  • The right questions to ask your BLE beacon or IoT vendor
  • Evaluate your vendor smartly. Now. With our free guide!

The guide will help you understand the questions you should consider asking your solution provider in your RFP to get quality, granular data using BLE beacons, or other solutions. Download the free guide now!

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