How to monitor the COVID-19 vaccine distribution at scale & at pace

How to monitor the COVID-19 vaccine distribution at scale & at pace

Expert Panel Discussion

Join the discussion on COVID-19 vaccine distribution monitoring challenges and solutions.

The COVID-19 vaccine will leverage new distribution approaches. Monitoring it’s condition and guarding against excursions as it travels through the supply chain, from manufacturing to point of use, will also require fresh thinking.

With a lot at stake for all parties involved; from regulators through to pharmaceutical companies, third party logistics providers and the general population; the margin for error in delivering the vaccines promptly and within optimal conditions have never been tighter. Recorded on Thursday, 3 December 2020.

What will you get

Representing over 50 years of industry experience, the panel will discuss the key COVID-19 vaccine monitoring challenges, solutions and the importance of visibility amidst unprecedented speed to market, unfamiliar shipping networks and unmoderated scale-up of distribution activities.


  • Vaccine Logistics - Michael Culme-Seymour

    Michael Culme-Seymour

    Advisor - Incident Management Support Team (IMST) COVID-19, World Health Organization

    Michael is currently supporting the WHO IMST in the Western Pacific with a focus on Emergency supply chain logistics strategy and ensuring that urgent vital medical supplies and diagnostic equipment are securely distributed to meet the Covid-19 response. He has 30 years of pharmaceutical & clinical trial supply chain logistics experience including leadership roles at Marken, Fischer Road Express, DHL & Swiss World Cargo.

  • Vaccine Logistics - Gráinne Lynch

    Gráinne Lynch

    EU Serialisation Lead - Manufacturing & Supply Chain Systems, Accenture

    Gráinne is a technology champion in the space of Digital Supply Chain Innovation with a focus on Pharmaceutical Sector. Gráinne is PMP, GS1 and TraceLink certified with over 17 years of experience delivering serialisation and supply chain and logistics IT transformation projects through leadership roles at The European Commission, Zenith Technologies, Cork Institute of Technology, Port of Cork Company.

  • Vaccine Logistics - Santosh Takoor

    Santosh Takoor

    Managing Director - Europe, Roambee

    Santosh champions innovation and transformative solutions, helping organizations grow their existing business and accelerate new business models. Santosh brings over 25 years of enterprise experience including leadership roles at KPMG, UBS Warburg, SAP, T-Systems and Salesforce.