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Roambee puts you in control of your shipments and supply chain assets with purposefully built sensor hardware, cloud data analytics, and automation - for reliable monitoring and response - indoors, outdoors, and in-transit thereby bringing visibility to your supply chain and logistics challenges. There are no sensors to purchase or manage; you only pay for what you monitor.

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  Roambee LogoRoambee GPS Vehicle Tracking RFID Solutions Temperature Data Loggers
Real-time Location Roambee-Real-time Location GPS Vehicle Tracking RFID Solutions Temperature Data Loggers
Real-time Condition GPS Vehicle Tracking RFID Solutions Temperature Data Loggers
Item-level Visibility Across the Supply Chain Roambee-Item-level Visibility Across the Supply Chain GPS Vehicle Tracking RFID Solutions Temperature Data Loggers
Works for Multimodal Cargo Roambee-Works for Multimodal Cargo GPS Vehicle Tracking RFID Solutions Temperature Data Loggers
Works Without Networking Infrastructure Roambee-Works Without Networking Infrastructure GPS Vehicle Tracking RFID Solutions Temperature Data Loggers
Integrates Without IT Effort Roambee-Integrates Without IT Effort GPS Vehicle Tracking RFID Solutions Temperature Data Loggers
Automated Response & Control Tower Action Roambee-Automated Response & Control Tower Action GPS Vehicle Tracking RFID Solutions Temperature Data Loggers

They Call Us Innovators

Roambee Gartner Supply Chain

Roambee is identified by Gartner as one of the 9 global supply chain technology companies.

2021 Gartner Tracking and Monitoring Business Process Context: Magic Quadrant for Real-Time Transposition Visibility Platforms

Supply Chain Innovation Award


One of Top 6 Finalists for the Supply Chain Innovation Award CSCMP EDGE


'Outperformer' in Pharma Supply Chain Visibility ESP Vendor Matrix - July 2022 CB Insights


A Winner of FDA's Tech-Enabled Food Traceability Challenge FDA


Top Supply Chain Project Award SDCE
Winner of Compass Intel Awards 2020 - Roambee BeeSense Air


Roambee's BeeSense Air: IoT Innovator (Asset Monitoring) 2020 IoT Innovator Awards by Compass Intel


Best Real-time Shipment Tracking Solution Logistics, Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards by Corporate Vision
  • Lenovo-Roambee-Customer "The Bees were very helpful in the initial phases of the NCV shut down in EMEA. We were able to see when shipments were being turned away at borders and re-routed to alternate locations. We were also able to see where our shipments were being stored while waiting for further shipping instructions from our customers."
    - Jude Carey, Global Logistics Execution Manager  
  • Mercedez-Roambee-Customer "Having high-value inventory idle on the road is a risk. Live sensor devices, with remotely extendable battery life placed with our shipments, tell us exactly where our trailers are. This helps secure goods till lockdowns are lifted, even if it takes weeks. This technology helped us a lot. Once lockdowns are lifted by region, real-visibility will enable us to plan replenishments on-the-go by re-routing based on nodal demand."
    - Dattatraya Sakhare, Manager of Quality, Vehicle Preparation Center  
  • Flyjac-Roambee-Customer "With manpower low in cold chain warehouses due to lockdowns, automated remote temperature monitoring has become important for compliance and quality of products. The Roambee technology has been so advantageous & helpful, where-by we can monitor the temperature control readings of the refrigerated warehouse at regular intervals, as temperature readings are shared to registered e-mail IDs & text messages."
    - Sridhar Iyer, Manager, Air Export Team  
  • Mondelez-Roambee-Customer "We're improving our efficiencies with visibility. With condition-sensitive shipments en-route, real-time location and condition visibility is helping make decisions on delivery and re-routing amidst the lockdown."
    - Nilesh Dhoke, Transportation Manager  
  • rhenus-logistics-Roambee-Customer "We are in the transportation business for 40 years and have installed GPS systems in our company fleet. Apart from this, we needed visibility on our rented trucks which we hire on a regular basis to cater to our customers. Roambee put us in complete control of our shipments and provided us with the right solution."

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