How it Works

The Roambee Advantage

End-to-end supply chain visibility for enterprises worldwide – indoors, outdoors, and in-transit

Know More. Now. With Real-Time Data and Analytics

Plus, no upfront investment in hardware, software, or data connectivity

Decision enabling intelligence from real-time location and condition monitoring at your fingertips

Real-time alerts, analytics, and reporting ensure you’re aware of issues before they become problems

Open API platform quickly and easily integrates with all ERP platforms so you’re up & running quickly

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In, Around, and Between... Factories, Warehouses, Fleets, Ports, Retail, and Much More

Roambee's devices work as standalone solutions or together for complete, end-to-end coverage

Bees attach to shipments or assets, and can act as a mobile gateway for package or item level monitoring. An industry first!

BeeBeacons provide granular visibility by attaching to individual packages, items, or assets and transmit data through the Bees to create virtual tracking zones.

BeeFleet gives real-time visibility and better insights into vehicle movement and fleet management by seamlessly plugging into the industry standard OBD II port.

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We Take Action 24/7

So You Don’t Have To

BeeCentral is a global 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC)

Trained frontline experts intercept disruptions and mitigate operational risk round the clock and throughout the year

The Industry’s Only On-Demand, Complete Monitoring Service

Pay-As-You-Go and Fully Managed

Flexible and scalable to your changing business needs

We handle delivery and return of our devices at many locations around the world

Best of all, there is no upfront investment in hardware, software, or data connectivity

Always Connected, Anywhere in the World

Integrated Visibility and Extended Connectivity

Can be used across vehicles, air, rail, ocean, warehouses, and equipment yards

Global multi-telecom roaming

Unique device data storage and buffering technology

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