Truck & Container Security

How the Service Works

Truck & Container Security


We deliver wire-free, hassle-free, and CAPEX-free locking hardware and support wherever and whenever you need them, whether it's at your shipment’s origin or your vendor's source.

Truck & Container Security


Secure and track ocean containers or truck trailers with our cellular-enabled GPS container locks; get live data on location and incidents that could affect shipment security.

Truck & Container Security

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Let our platform and control tower combine live data with automation and AI-enabled predictive analytics to guarantee a quick and effective resolution for incidents in-transit.

Truck & Container Security


Mail the reusable locking hardware back to us after they've run their course, or let us know where we can retrieve them for you; we handle end-to-end recovery and redeployment.

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Don't worry about securing your shipments.

Don't worry about securing your shipments.

Loss or Theft

Beware and be aware; we keep an eye on trailers, shipments, and inventory on the move to stay on top of load thefts, pilferage, hijacks, and other incidents.

Chain of Custody

We track, verify, and enforce an unbroken chain of custody throughout a supply chain; ensure your goods or shipments are always in the right hands.

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Understand the immediate impact of things like procedural lapses, unplanned route changes, and unscheduled stops on security.


Understand where a well-laid process breaks down, what are the weakest links in a seemingly secure supply chain, and who the responsible stakeholder is.

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Prevent & Contain

Leverage live alerts to understand situations, evaluate risk, and act immediately to reduce response time when preventing theft or recovering stolen goods.

Reduce Issues

We use verifiable data trails to help reduce the time it takes to evaluate incidents, identify lapses, resolve conflicts, and expedite insurance claims.

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