Case Study: Hokey Pokey Ice Cream

Drums Food, makers of India's Hokey Pokey ice cream products, came to Roambee for a shipment monitoring service capable of collecting the temperature data they needed to satisfy government audits and ensure product quality.  

The Roambee solution for the customer's shipment monitoring ensures product quality and compliance with government regulations.

The Roambee solution for the customer's shipment monitoring ensures product quality and compliance with government regulations.

Shipment visibility increased both efficiency and product quality.

Shipment visibility increased both efficiency and product quality.

When Temperature Means Quality

The Need: Real-time Temperature Monitoring for Shipments on Market Vehicles

Drums Food International produces and retails Greek yogurt and ice cream. The company, which also owns and operates a chain of ice cream parlors, uses third-party market vehicles to transport their products.

Shipment monitoring capabilities are critical for frozen-food companies like Drums Food whose reputations are based on their ability to consistently deliver high-quality products. Only with real-time visibility and data analytics can these companies monitor temperature conditions and know to take action if there is a potential or actual problem.

The Solution: Bees Provide Real-Time Temperature Data and Alerts

Roambee provided wireless, portable tracking devices ("Bees") to give Drums Food real-time temperature visibility. The ice cream maker is now able to ensure that their product complies with Bureau of Indian Standards regulations for ice cream storage while in transit. A Roambee web portal enables Drums Food to monitor its shipments across market vehicles and to receive real-time alerts if any deviation from transport protocols occurs.

Drums Food improved transit visibility, increased their logistics efficiencies, and reduced product spoilage. This is another example of how Roambee's next-generation technology and pay-as-you-go business model make shipment monitoring scalable, affordable and controllable for food producers. 

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