Case Studies

See how companies around the world are putting Roambee services to work to protect their assets and shipments. Our innovative technology and pay-as-you-go model is helping customers streamline their deliveries, safeguard in-field assets, monitor shipments in transit, manage inventory, and—above all—reduce costs. Our “Bees” are hard at work for customers in industries including automotive, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, consumer goods, fresh and frozen foods, food and beverage, and 3PL and logistics.

A Shipment Monitoring Solution for Chemicals

For companies in the chemical industry, real-time shipment-monitoring is essential to ensuring the safe and efficient transport of their...

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Real-time Visibility for Goods In Transit

When Philips needed to improve the availability of their product at the retail, they turned to Roambee.

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Real-time Visibility to Safeguard Goods in Transit

Consumer electronics companies are turning to Roambee for an innovative shipment-tracking service to help them reduce theft, damage, and improve...

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Reducing Costs Due to Delay and Preventing Theft

United Spirits Limited (USL), the largest liquor manufacturer in India, came to Roambee for real-time visibility into its shipments on market...

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Affordable Asset Monitoring for Thousands of Pieces of Equipment

Srei BNP Paribas turned to Roambee for an asset-monitoring device that could be placed securely on heavy equipment — and a monitoring solution...

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Monitoring Shipments at the Item Level

Rhenus Logistics came to Roambee for a shipment monitoring solution that would provide the company's clients with real-time visibility and...

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