Case Studies

See how companies around the world are putting Roambee services to work to protect their assets and shipments. Our innovative technology and pay-as-you-go model is helping customers streamline their deliveries, safeguard in-field assets, monitor shipments in transit, manage inventory, and—above all—reduce costs. Our “Bees” are hard at work for customers in industries including automotive, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, consumer goods, fresh and frozen foods, food and beverage, and 3PL and logistics.

Improving Customer Satisfaction Through On-Time Deliveries

Phillips Carbon Black Limited (PCBL), one of the largest Carbon Black manufacturers in India, was grapping with expensive delays in shipments...

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Real-Time Data to Improve Shipment Security & Inventory Planning

Pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) came to Roambee for shipment monitoring services to help prevent theft and improve inventory...

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A Scalable, Agile Solution for Monitoring High-Value Shipments

When an international supply-chain management needed end-to-end visibility for high-value and security-sensitive shipments, they turned to...

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On-Demand Shipment-Locating Service to Prevent Theft and Fraud

One of India's leading tire manufacturers called on Roambee for a shipment monitoring solution to improve the efficiency and security of their...

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Real-Time Temperature Monitoring for Life-Saving Shipments

A pharmaceutical company turned to Roambee for help protecting shipments of a new class of healthcare products that require real-time...

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Short-term, On-Demand Temperature Monitoring to Meet Strict Standards

Alpha Baking, a leading Midwest baking company, came to came to Roambee with an urgent need for a special shipment monitoring service. They...

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