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Hundreds of companies have trusted Roambee to delivery visibility on valuable in-transit and in-field goods and assets.

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See how companies around the world are putting Roambee services to work to protect their assets and shipments. Our innovative technology and pay-as-you-go model is helping customers streamline their deliveries, safeguard in-field assets, monitor shipments in transit, manage inventory, and—above all—reduce costs. Our “Bees” are hard at work for customers in industries including automotive, pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, consumer goods, fresh and frozen foods, food and beverage, and 3PL and logistics.

Real-time Equipment Monitoring In-Store and On-Premises

A major oil company seeks a real-time asset monitoring solution for its thousands of service station/convenience store locations.

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Real-time Equipment Monitoring

A major healthcare organization sought a solution for keeping track of the hundreds of pieces of critical equipment located throughout its...

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On-Demand Monitoring of Returnable/Reusable Containers

A company in the highly competitive agricultural industry is grappling with cost and efficiency issues involving the use of its...

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Real-Time Equipment Monitoring

Hundreds of pieces of test and prototype equipment in several labs and across multiple buildings needs to be closely tracked.

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Real-time Monitoring for Incident Command

Emergency Management Services

Real-time Monitoring for Incident Command

When commanders need real-time information to protect the safety of staff and equipment in dangerous situations, they can look to Roambee.

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On-Demand Reusable Container Monitoring

A major automotive component supplier seeks a visibility solution to help manage hundreds of reusable containers around the world.

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