Multi-modal Shipment Tracking

How the Service Works

Multi-modal Shipment Tracking


We deliver wire-free, hassle-free, and CAPEX-free tracking hardware and support wherever and whenever you need them, whether it's at your shipment’s origin or your vendor's source.

Multi-modal Shipment Tracking


Tag and track location and status in real time; works for shipments, pallet loads, and even individual packages just the same, across any mode of transport: road, rail, air, or sea.

Multi-modal Shipment Tracking

3. USE

Let our platform and control tower combine live data with automation and AI-enabled predictive analytics to guarantee a quick and effective resolution for incidents in-transit.

Multi-modal Shipment Tracking


Mail the reusable tracking hardware back to us after they've run their course, or let us know where we can retrieve them for you; we handle end-to-end recovery and redeployment.

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Don’t waste time keeping track of containers, shipments, or packages.

Don’t waste time keeping track of containers, shipments, or packages.

Delays or Disruptions

We track cargo movement, route deviations, dwell time or detention at facilities, as well as bottlenecks along the way across every mode of transport.

Delivery Compliance

Ensure that routes, delivery timelines, preferred shipping conditions, ideal operating processes, chain of custody, and any other commitments are met.

Changes to ETA

Get a live ETA that you can bet on; calculated based on past performance, current transit conditions, and everything in between that could impact things.

Transit Performance

Get compliance by route, mode of transport, carrier, or facility with live data, detailed dashboards, verifiable audit trails, and comprehensive reports.

Reduce Transit Time

Harness our control tower to respond on time, improve decisions, handle auto-rescheduling, and increase the odds of making your window of delivery.

Reduce Inefficiency

Improve performance on the go with data-driven course correction and automation for manual processes like scheduling or billing verification.

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