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Be in control of your goods – in your warehouse, yard, or in-transit

Roambee Real Time Visibility Solution

On-Demand, Real-Time Visibility

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Our Bee, BeeBeacon, and BeeFleet solutions provide you with visibility at the package, item, pallet, container, or fleet level, around the globe.

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Gain Foresight With Our Alerts & Predictive Analytics

Know in advance about anything and everything that could disrupt a single shipment or your entire supply chain

Our solution offers real-time event alerts for current location, temperature, tampering, humidity, light, air pressure (altitude), shock, delays, non-permitted movement, deviation from assigned route, changes in ETA, and crossing of waypoints.

You can create custom alerts too!

Deep Dive Using Our Reports & Insights

Know in detail the health of your supply chain, all the way down to individual items and packages

Receive actionable macro and micro level insights into real-time status, historical reports, and analytics that can help you run a faster, safer, and more efficient supply chain.

Automated Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Curb your detention expenses and save on working capital by combining ePOD with real-time goods monitoring for your logistics

Roambee’s Automated ePOD solution combines the ePOD feature with real-time monitoring of goods to make delivery confirmations prompt and actionable – something that regular ePODs find hard to accomplish.

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No Upfront Investment; Pay-As-You-Go

IoT API Analytics Platform

IoT API Analytics Platform That Works as a Standalone or With Your ERP/WMS/TMS

Reverse Logistics

We Can Handle the Reverse Logistics of Our Devices Too!

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Roambee vs Others

Roambee takes a fundamentally different “connected goods” approach to solve your supply chain visibility holistically, while others are still tracking vehicles and fleets in-transit using a “connected fleet” model.

Parameter Roambee Others
Battery life @ 1 transmit per hour 100 days 10–25 days
Over the air updates and auto-diagnostics Yes Limited
Built in temperature, humidity, light, pressure, altitude, gas, shock, accelerometer, camera and easy add-ons Yes Limited
Outdoor location accuracy < 2.5 m < 10 m
Indoor location accuracy < 5 m < 50 m
Wire to power source and solar charge Yes No
Auto-start backup battery Yes No
Data storage and caching on device Yes No
Global 2G/3G/4G/LTE, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi data connectivity Yes No
Integrated telco grade location based service (LBS) Yes No
Secured message transmission Yes No
Device layer APIs Yes No
Supports other vendor devices Yes No
Zero outage cloud agnostic web based platform Yes No
Compliance with data safe harbor laws of EU, Russia, India and others Yes No
Easy-setup business rules and decision engine through UI or APIs Yes No
Pre-built dashboards and custom dashboard capability Yes No
APIs and webhook for ERP, WMS, TMS applications Yes No
Single sign on, multi-user role based access Yes No
Foresight analytics (spoilage risk, theft risk, ETA and more) Yes No
Insight analytics (transporter performance, routes, exceptions and more) Yes No
Multi-modal in-transit shipment monitoring Yes No
Device pickup service from shipment destination Yes No
24x7 staffed supply chain monitoring service Yes No
Worldwide coverage for cargo claims and load recovery Yes No
Flexible Pricing Model Yes No

Roambee vs RFID

Roambee’s BeeBeacon technology is the industry’s first BLE/GSM/Wi-Fi based package-level monitoring solution that works indoors, outdoors and in-transit.

Learn why we built it using BLE Beacon technology, and not RFID.

Parameter Roambee Others
Track anywhere (Global Reach) Yes No
Real-time visibility (On-demand updates) Yes Waypoints only
Condition monitoring (Temp, humidity, shock, motion, etc.) Yes No
Infrastructure Independence (IT, HW, Space, Installation) Yes No
Violation alerts (define rules, get notified) Yes No
Share & Collaborate (Provide group updates and alerts automatically) Yes Limited
Predictive Analytics (Analyze & take action based on location data) Yes No

BeeCentral Monitoring

Roambee's BeeCentral provides 24/7 active monitoring services that build on Roambee's data and reporting solutions. With real-time visibility of your shipments, the dedicated experts at BeeCentral are able to take immediate action, based on your protocols, to address problems and evaluate potential threats as they occur.

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