Automated ePOD

An Electronic Proof of Delivery or ePOD is a digital form that replaces manual delivery confirmation paper trails. Automated ePOD is an ePOD solution which leverages real-time shipment monitoring and a 24x7 control tower (BeeCentral) to ensure a timely, accurate digital signature.

Automated ePod has enabled Hero Cycles, one of world's largest bicycle manufacturers, and hundreds of other enterprise companies to build loyalty with their dealers by responding quickly to stock issues, reduce working capital through same day billing and minimize goods detention at delivery sites.

Building a Smarter Enterprise by Shifting from Paper to Digital

No more manual receipts or waiting months to invoice.

Electronic signatures and automated delivery confirmation reduce human error.

How ePOD Works

ePOD can be added to any Roambee shipment. Getting started is simple.

1. Sender enters the phone number of the receiver or the delivery executive

The receiver or delivery person’s phone number with country code is entered onto the portal during shipment creation.

2. Receiver or delivery executive receive a link

A message containing a link to the ePod form will appear via the My Roambee App or an SMS text message will be sent to the receiver or the delivery executive.

Forms can be customized, including the option to upload images of paper receipts, goods and other signed documents through the app.

3. Delivery confirmation is received

Upon successful delivery shipment, the location and time stamped ePOD report can be downloaded from the shipments page of the Roambee portal.

How is Roambee’s Automated ePOD different from Manual ePOD's that exist?

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